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LEGO Angry Birds Piggy Plane Attack

Launch a flying attack and rescue the eggs from the…

Rescue the eggs from the Piggy Plane—featuring a spinning propeller and 2 flick missiles—and play out fun scenes from The Angry BirdsTM Movie. Includes 2 figures.


LEGO Angry Birds Pig City Teardown

Send the birds into Pig City and get the eggs…

Crash the piggy party! Catapult the birds into Pig City, including a box of TNT, hot dog stand and a zip-lining pig for really explosive fun! Includes 4 figures


Lego Angry Birds Piggy Pirate Ship

Eggs ahoy! Stop the piggies from sailing off into the…

An aquatic avian adventure awaits with the awesome Piggy Pirate Ship, featuring moving oars and paddle wheel, sails and a jetty with catapult. Includes 4 figures.


LEGO Star Wars Episode VII Battle on Takodana™

Defeat Kylo Ren at the forest castle!   The heroes…

Enter epic Star Wars: The Force Awakens battle at the forest castle with sliding doors, collapsing wall, staircase and tree, and 5 iconic minifigures.


LEGO Classic Creative Supplement

Get ideas, get creative and get building!   Get busy…

The LEGO® Classic Creative Supplement with LEGO bricks in 20 different colors is designed to give inspired, open-ended building play.


Buzz Ball Table

A complete table that includes two acrylic inlay fields, two…
A complete table that includes two acrylic inlay fields, two Buzz Ball footballs, two field goals, two red turnover chips, and…

Waverlee’s Malibu Pink Mermaid Tail – Size 8

Dazzle your friends in this refreshing splash of pink. Shades…

Dazzle your friends in this refreshing splash of pink!


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