NEW Magic Bright Bugz Evolution | YOU CHOOSE COLOR!
Bright Bugz Evolution
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Bright Bugz Evolution

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Product Description

Bright Bugz Evolution Are A Super Cool Trick That Makes Light Jump From One Hand To The Other!


Bright Bugz Evolution is a classic slight of hand trick with a magical new twist! With a set of bright bugz and a little practice, you can grab glowing lights out of thin air and pass them from hand to hand or through solid objects. Think you know the trick? It moves pretty quick! In a modern twist, today’s budding magicians can download an app to trap the bug in a phone! There’s even a 3D hologram of your bright bug!

Bright Bugz Evolution comes with a brand-new FREE app, so you can learn even more tricks! Throw one into your phone magically trap your bug! Bounce it around against your screen, then toss it back to your hand to amaze your audience! The app includes unlocked animations for all seven bright bugz evolution colors. Upgraded animations are available to purchase so you can perform even more impressive illusions!

Mystify your friends and family with Bright Bugz Evolution! It shows, goes, and glows. It’s under your command!

Use the Holobeam included in your bright bugz package to make your bright bugz magically hover above your device in 3D! Amaze your friends and astound your family with animated holograms! Throw a bug into the Holobeam and watch it go!

Magic is the perfect gift for any child or child at heart! Bright Bugz Evolution comes with accessory pieces to fit a wide range of hand sizes up to adults. And remember, sleight of hand tricks are especially beneficial to the development of hand to eye coordination, presentation skills, and self-confidence. But watch out, you might have a showman on your hands!

After a tiny bit of practice with Bright Bugz, you can perform these super cool magic tricks (and many more!):
-Spark a light in your hand!
-Light bug flies from hand to hand!
-make it fly through your body!
-Light bug flies into your mouth!


Your imagination is your only limitation – think big and have fun!


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