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FIdgety Controller
Fidgety ControllerFidgety ControllerFidgety ControllerFidgety ControllerFidgety Controller
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Fidgety Controller

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Product Description

Keep those fidgety fingers busy on the go with the Fidgety Controller! Perfectly pocket sized, battery-free, sturdy, and silent, the Fidgety Controller is just the thing to grab and go when you need to focus. Gamers will love the classic controller design and the calming, familiar joystick and button configurations. All fidgeters can’t get enough of the EIGHT different sides of sensory input. Click the smooth front buttons, toggle the joystick, flick the slider, scroll the roller, run your fingers over the textured side buttons and rounded edge – click, flip, spin, and roll – it never gets old!


The Fidgety Controller comes in an assortment of colors – you’ll never know what you’re going to get! Your controller will always have a black body, but the buttons may be red, green, blue, black, or rainbow. Check out as normal for a surprise, or call or leave a note at checkout for a preference.


Fidget toys are the perfect gift for adults and kids alike! Read all about the benefits of fidgeting on our blog, or shop for more fun fidgets for everyone on your list!



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