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Fuchsia Cuddle Tail
Kids Fuchsia Cuddle Tail
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Kids Fuchsia Mermaid Cuddle Tail

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Product Description

Mermaids like to snuggle too! Feel good, look fabulous, and float away on a cloud of cozy mermaid dreams with this beautiful fuchsia mermaid tail!

The mermaid cuddle tail is made of super soft, double sided minky fabric, so you feel the magical comfort right up against your skin. At 53″ long, the tail will fit kids through tweens with ease, providing just as much coverage and comfort as a full size blanket. It’s even long enough for most adults to use up to their waists like an actual mermaid! Feet slide down into the tips of the tail for full mermaid immersion. 23″ width gives you room to wiggle and flip with ease. The double stitched, reinforced seams will keep your tail looking fresh and new for many snuggles to come!


Feeling adventurous? Check out the JAWSOME shark blankie tails! Of course, when you see how great  your kid looks, you may just want your own Adult-Size Cuddle Tail!


100% Polyester minky

23 inches (just under 2 feet) across

53 inches (just under 4.5 feet) in length


Recommended for ages 3-12 years



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