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Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit
Hide & Seek Rock Painting KitHide & Seek Rock Painting Kit
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Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit

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Product Description

Spread cheer throughout your community with the fun and clever Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit! This fabulous kit helps kids of all ages share joy, encouragement, and smiles by making someone’s day when they find a colorful rock with a happy message and/or graphic! Imagination is the key in painting the smooth river rocks (included), and then finding the perfect hiding place for each new creation. Remember to look for others’ brightly painted rocks while hiding your own, no two are ever the same! Collect and share with others to make the whole world, and your neighborhood, smile!! Who will find your rock??

Kit includes:
10 natural river rocks
8 paint colors
4 gold transfers
Tracking stickers
2 paint brushes
Transfer sponge

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