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Irish Fairy Door Worry Plaque
Irish Fairy Door Worry PlaqueIrish Fairy Door Worry Plaque
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Irish Fairy Door Worry Plaque

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Product Description

Give your worries to the fairies with the interactive Irish Fairy Door Worry Plaque! Fairies fill human homes with happiness. But we aren’t always happy, sometimes we have worries. That is why they developed this special worry plaque that takes all our worries away! Fairies use their magic to take your worries from you with just one touch! The plaque glows red when you think of your worry and place your hand on it. When the fairies have heard your worry, the plaque glows green, signifying your worries have transferred successfully.

Are you wondering what exactly fairies do with your worries after you give them away? The energy that it takes you to worry is very strong! When you give away your worry completely the fairies  collect that bad energy and use their magical powers to change it into good energy! That good energy is then used to grant someone else’s wish somewhere around the world!  When the worry is gone – it is time to start wishing! Maybe your wish might be granted fairy fairy soon!


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