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Kore Baseball
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Kore Baseball

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The Kore Ball is a cushioned core, genuine leather, and hand-stitched baseball that inspires ballplayers of all ages to build confidence and love the game.


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Product Description

The Kore Baseball is safe as the cushioned core prevents damage or injury and builds confidence. The baseball is made with genuine cowhide leather and raised, hand-stitched seams. Perfect to play with on a ball field, indoors, backyards, and any other location! An excellent gift, backyard baseball, or training ball for kids of all ages!

The idea for the Kore Ball began in the hearts of baseball-loving kids who ate, slept and breathed baseball. After tearing the cover off the ball, they would stuff the cover with whatever soft material they could get their hands on, lace the ball back up, and keep on playing.

Kore Baseball Products is a family owned and operated company based out of Salt Lake City, UT. After years of coaching, playing, and studying the game of baseball, they launched the company in 2014 and have seen tremendous growth.


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