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Mermaid Tin Tea Set
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Mermaid Tin Tea Set

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Product Description

Does your little one dream of a tea party in an octopus’s garden, deep under the sea? This dainty, but durable, Mermaid Tin Tea Set is the perfect toy to encourage imaginative play and social skills! Table setting for four, with the full tea time assortment of teapot, cups, saucers, snack plates, and even a tray to hold them all. So get those swimmingly sweet tea party invitations ready! Adults and kids alike will enjoy the bright colors, fun designs, and vintage feel of this classic toy. Tea, anyone?



  • 1 mermaid teapot
  • 1 mermaids and friends tea tray
  • 4 seaweed forest cups
  • 4 aquatic playmate saucers
  • 4 underwater friends plates


Recommended for ages 3-7

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