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Mirari myPhone

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Product Description

The 5.5″ Mirari myPhone features 12 colorful light-up icons with fun songs and sounds that activate when pressed. When switched on, children can press the icons to hear the ABC song, a lullaby, “snapshot” sounds and more! The most exciting feature of this phone from Patch Products is its “record and ring” ability — mom or dad (or grandparents!) can record a message on the phone for children. Then, using the included remote control heart, parents can activate the phone ringer from across the room, and children will hear their loved one’s message! It’s a magical addition to fun phone play that children will adore! Develops: Cognitive Learning – understanding the cause & effect relationship, Sensory Development – exploring with hands and eyes, experiencing colors and lights, imagination – pretending toys are like grown-ups. Includes 3 AAA batteries.

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