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PopSockets Soccer Ball
Popsockets-soccer-ballPopSockets Soccer Ballblack popsockets 2PopSockets Soccer BallPopSockets Soccer BallPopSockets Soccer Ball
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PopSockets Soccer Ball

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Product Description

PopSockets Soccer Ball

Use the PopSockets Soccer Ball as a grip or a kickstand to make your phone or tablet easier to use when texting, calling, taking photos, watching videos, and so much more! Features a black base and a soccer ball so realistic you’ll swear you see it in the round.

PopSockets work in landscape and portrait modes – the perfect accessory for when you want to watch videos, take group photos, Skype, or FaceTime. Put on your GoPro for extra grip in the water, on your bedroom mirror to hang necklaces, or on your portable gaming system! Advanced reusable adhesive allows you to re-position without losing stickiness – PopSockets really do stay on in all kinds of conditions! Sticks to most devices and cases (though some waterproof cases or silicone are a little too slick). Let your hands relax while keeping your phone secure!

Use the PopSockets PopClip Phone Mount with your PopSockets to mount your phone on your dashboard, refrigerator, mirror, bed post, wall, or locker for even more hands-free viewing!

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