Serena's Rainbow Reef Mermaid Tail - Adult XSmall | Wonder Works Toys
Serena's Rainbow Reef Mermaid Tail - Size 12
Serena's Rainbow Reef Mermaid Tail - Size 12Serena's Rainbow Reef Mermaid Tail - Size 12
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Serena’s Rainbow Reef Mermaid Tail – Adult XSmall

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Hmmm. Can’t decide which color to get? Get them all!


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Mermaid Tail Protector Kit

Our unique Fin Protection tape is easy to apply, and can help increase the durability of your mermaid tail tips, where damage is most likely to occur. Use it to protect a brand new tail or stop existing scrapes and holes from getting worse.

Product Description

The Rainbow tail is bright, cheerful, splashy, fun, and exciting. Vibrant hues of rainbow color sparkle like gems of sapphire, ruby, emerald, and topaz. Even the tailfin is a full-arching rainbow. This high-quality, stretchy material is made from 80% polyester and 20% spandex.

Made from a poly and spandex blend, the tail fabric is soft, comfortable and durable. It can be machine washed in a gentle cycle in cool water. Please note: Exposure to high temperatures (such as in hot tubs, dryers, etc.) can cause the spandex in the fabric to lose it’s elasticity and become “stretched out”.

Contents include 1 swimmable mermaid tail + high tech monofin flipper. Fun backpack included!

FinFun‘s patented monofin is designed to fit your foot comfortably. Although our monofins fit comfortably and securely, your feet can also come out easily with a light tug. The best part is it gives complete flexibility to all sizes of feet! It also provides a more realistic fin as it covers your feet so naturally you can hardly tell there are feet inside! FinFun’s monofins are so comfortable and lightweight they are practically undetectable!

Is a Monofin right for you? Are you a confident swimmer with a great dolphin kick? Are you an advanced swimmer ready to practice the dolphin kick? Can you swim in the deep end? If you answer yes to any of those questions, you’re probably ready to pick out your Fin Fun Monofin!

Waverlee’s Malibu Pink Mermaid Tail – Adult XSmall is for sizes Kids 14 or Women 2-4 approximately. Waist 28-33 in, tail length 32.5-37 in.

WARNING: Use only under adult supervision.


FOR FULL SAFETY INFORMATION on mermaid fins, please visit: Fin Fun Safety Tips



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