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Slackers Ninja Climbing Rope
Slackers Ninja Climbing RopeSlackers Ninja Climbing RopeSlackers Ninja Climbing RopeSLA.791-Ninja-climbing-rope-product-2Slackers Ninja Climbing RopeSlackers Ninja Climbing RopeSlackers Ninja Climbing Rope
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Slackers Ninja Climbing Rope

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Product Description

The NEW Slackers Ninja Climbing Rope pairs perfectly with the Ninjaline! Endorsed by Brian Arnold “The Ninja”! Train like a ninja!


Try to get to the top of the rope utilizing your climbing and balancing skills! This is an accessory  to the NinjaLine and does NOT include the NinjaLine pictured.


Slackers Ninja Climbing Rope by b4Adventure incorporates elements from the popular television series to provide unique challenges for participants. Hang  your 8 foot Slackers Ninja Climbing Rope on the 30’ NinjaLine kit between 2 trees to create a fun and challenging ninja training obstacle course. The Ninja Climbing Rope and NinjaLine helps individuals develop core, grip and upper body strength as they move down the line from one obstacle to another and as they climb up the rope.  Ages 6+, max weight 250LBS.


Are you ready to have the perfect backyard adventure?





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