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Swurfer Traction Pads
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Swurfer Traction Pads

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In stock

Product Description

Get a grip with no-slip traction pads from Swurfer! Each set of pads includes two colorful, grippy pads with simple peel-and-stick adhesion. Improve your balance and traction on your Swurfer without damaging your finish. Each pad sticks to the outside thirds of the board, leaving the center wood exposed for clean and comfortable sitting. Swurfer Traction Pads are constructed of heavy-duty, marine-grade EVA for long-lasting comfort and style!


Pads arrive to us in a randomized assortment of colors, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee your color selection. All colors are bright and beautiful, and we’ll send along whatever we have unless you contact us with a specific request.



Consider adding extra rope and extra handles for even more versatility, safety, and comfort!


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