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Toysmith 16" Mini Beamo
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Toysmith 16″ Mini Beamo

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Product Description

We love Beamo, but sometimes it’s just a little too large to carry around. Enter the Mini Beamo! Just as fun as the original, but more portable. Made of the same soft fabric, foam and fiberglass as its bigger parent, Beamo Junior is perfect for little hands. And you’ll be impressed at how much distance this little guy can cover! So hit the park, spend the day at the beach, or just head out to the backyard for an afternoon of coordination-building, brain-boosting, calorie-burning fun for the whole family.

Easy to throw and fun to catch! Beamo’s soft foam ring and resilient spandex sleeve make these must-toss toys light-weight, safe and durable. Watch them fly over 100 feet for boundless fun at the park or beach. They float too!

The Toysmith Mini Beamo has a 16 inch diameter. Colors will vary.


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