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Waboba Pro
Waboba ProWaboba Pro
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Waboba Pro Ball

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Product Description

Don’t just play with the Pro. Play like one too! With its special design, the Waboba Pro has the control to help you step up your game. Teams and leagues welcome. Throw it like you were skipping a stone and watch amazed as the Waboba Pro bounces on water! Best for oceans, lakes, rivers, and Olympic-sized pools. The Waboba Pro’s size and weight help increase accuracy and help you control the bounce. Bounces on water only.


Waboba Extreme Ball

Take your next water adventure to the extreme, with the…

Take your next water adventure to the extreme, with the Waboba Extreme Brights, the amazing ball that bounces on water! It bounces fast, far, and high! This one is best for the lake, river and ocean.

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