4Ocean Green Sea Turtle Bracelet

The 4Ocean Green Sea Turtle Bracelet is not just a great looking piece of jewelry, it's also part of a worldwide Global 4Ocean movement to clean up our coastlines and oceans! In partnership with Florida Atlantic University Marine Research Lab’s mission of moving sea turtle science forward, a pound of trash is removed from our oceans each time a bracelet is purchased, directly contributing to helping to save sea turtles! Each and every bracelet is handmade on the island of Bali, using 100% recycled post-consumer content! Totally water-proof, 4Ocean bracelets feature beautiful, recycled glass beads and a lime green polyester cord. The unisex design is fully adjustable from 2.5" in diameter, and include a stainless steel 4Ocean charm. By wearing one of these bracelets, we can proudly showing the positive impact one person at a time can make on our mother ocean, as well as our own future generations!
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