BendiBricks Single Roll Yellow

Take LEGO building to the next level with the super cool BendiBricks Single Roll! This unique product is an absolute must-have for all LEGO builders! BendiBricks turns any surface in your home into a LEGO-friendly surface! Just peel off sticky backing on roll, cut to whatever size you desire, and press onto ceilings, walls, doors, or anywhere that strikes a LEGO builder's fancy! BendiBricks Single Roll peels off of surfaces easily and cleanly, no damage to surfaces! The possibilities of building are endless, and let's face it, pretty darned exciting! Kids ages 5-105 won't be able to keep their hands off of this amazing Lego accessory! This ultra nifty gadget is sure to turn your office, bedroom, playroom, etc. into any builder's wildest dream! Available in pink, black, orange, red, blue, yellow, and green! Measures 38.75 inches!
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