1. School's Out and Summer is Here!

    School's Out and Summer is Here!

    School’s out, the kids are bursting with energy, and Wonder Works is here for you! The kiddos have been sitting behind desks for far too long, and all anyone wants is to be outside enjoying the summer vibes and fresh air!

    Do you wonder how it used to be so easy to get out of the house, but now it can feel like a hassle with kids and all the gear needed for parenting?

    Make summer easy with fun, at home, ACTIVE games! Yes, we have B4 ADVENTURE products just for you!

    B4 Adventure products are designed to get your kids off the couch or tablet and running outside to play. They will never want to leave the backyard!

    Ninjas are being born all over with the incredible Ninja Line. The Ninja Line is easy to put up between two trees and includes different obstacles that attach with ease. Some of the obstacles include rings, ladders, knots and more! Similar to the idea of monkey bars, but WAY COOLER AND FUN.

    Not only do you build your own kid-friendly backyard gym, kids build overall strength AND their confidence. A customer’s son said, “I can’t wait to complete the Ninja Line and become a real Ninja Warrior!”

    For sports lovers, we have the answer for those who are getting bored with just kicking the ball around. If you want something new to grab their attention, say no more… we have a GINORMOUS SOCCER BALL. Upgrade your soccer ball now, and the fun will never end! Younger kids love pushing the ball and chasing it, while older kids enjoy passing and playing soccer games with a ball made for giants.

    Playing with a giant soccer ball all day can get very tiring in the Charleston sun, but no need to go back inside! The Aqua Sprayer is the perfect cool down water sprayer that can shoot up to 40 feet! Your children can turn into a water ninja by running around, hiding behind trees, and jumping out to spray their friends. The Aqua Sprayer is also a great companion for the pool and the beach!

    Your perfect summer day is now coming to end with the sun setting and the calm breeze cooling you off. The family is all home and the kids inevitably get a second burst of after-dinner energy. Finish your day with a family swing session in your backyard with B4 Adventure’s Dream Catcher Swing. This swing brings color to your yard and is great for all ages.

    All of these products are found online AND in our four stores. Stop in now to say hello and start your summer adventure!

    Is your child monkeying around all day? Why not monkey around on the NINJA LINE?

    Ninja Line

    Soccer is fun… but soccer can be 10x cooler with this GIANT SOCCER BALL.

    Giant Soccer Ball

    Summer is hot… especially here in Charleston. Cool down with the AQUA SPRAYER.

    Aqua Sprayer

    Grab a friend and enjoy a summer evening swinging on the DREAM CATCHER SWING.

    Dream Catcher Swing

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  2. Splish Splash Summer!

    Splish Splash Summer!

    Hot temperatures and muggy humidity are the norm for Charleston in the summer, and even us locals sometimes find it hard to get relief. Taking a dip in the cool, blue water of a swimming pool is a surefire way to beat the heat! And this summer, there are some fabulous new pool toys for all ages, from toddlers to adults, to make pool time even more fun!

    We all want our kids to get out and play, but when it's hot outside, finding an outdoor activity can be a real challenge.

    Not only is swimming and splashing in the water fun, it's also great exercise for all ages! Creating and playing games in the pool is an easy way to incorporate fitness while building underwater skills. Kids love racing each other, or going on a treasure hunt for weighted toys that sink to the bottom!

    Brightly colored dive toys are perfect for this type of pool game. They also serve double duty in swim lessons for those just learning to get their feet wet!

    Frozen Dive Characters

    Add Bling 2.0's cute and clever anti-fog swim goggles, decorated with everything from faux candy to squishy tentacles, and underwater vision won't be a problem!

    Have teens or adults in your group that want to get in on the fun of a water game? Try a Waboba Sol or Cracket set (plastic bat and Big Kahuna ball) for an exciting game of catch!


    In the mood to just sit back and have a relaxing float in the pool? Big Mouth floats have the perfect inflatables for all ages. Toddlers can have fun with the big kids while staying safe and cool in a Lil Tinysaurus or Lil Rainbow pool float.

    The design of these floats allows little legs to kick freely in the water, while the dual chambers ensure stability! Teens and adults can make a splash poolside with super trendy, giant Avocado, Unicorn, or Jellyfish float! Sure to turn heads and get the pool party started!

    Donut Pool Float

    Stop by one of our four Wonder Works locations to see these and other great summer products!

    See you in the pool!

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  3. 5 Ridiculously Fun Father's Day Gifts

    5 Ridiculously Fun Father's Day Gifts

    "Hey Dad, can I call you later?"

    "No, you can call me Dad."

    Roll your eyes all you want... you know you love him.

    Father's Day is coming up, and in typical Dad fashion, he says he doesn't want anything special. But he IS special, and you want to make at least half the fuss over him that you made for Mom a month ago.

    But you've already gotten him golf balls, novelty mugs, and fishing poles. And how often doesn he really wear a tie? So it's time to get creative.

    Show Dad how happy you are to humor his punny wisecracking - I mean, how grateful you are for his fatherly wisdom - with these ridiculously fun gifts for Father's Day, his birthday, and every day in between.

    We know shopping for dads can be tough. What do you get the guy who has everything?

    Well, we think we've got him figured out. Click below to shop our 5 favorite gift ideas, or stop into your local Wonder Works today and ask a Magic Maker!

    Even better, go ask your mother.


    Charleston Hooker

    For the Grill Master: The Charleston Hooker



    For Playful Dads: Bulzibucket


    Copper Corkcicle

    For Dads on the Go: Corkcicle Canteen


    Golf Pool

    For Competitive Dads: Golf Pool


    Dad Joke Socks

    For Funny Guys: Dad Joke Socks

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  4. Create It! Make It! Take It!

    Create It! Make It! Take It!

    Summer time is craft time, and that means it's time to get messy!

    As always, Wonder Works' merry band of Magic Makers has your kid covered. Every year about this time, our team gets together and picks the most fabulous, magical, fun crafts ever. This year is no exception, and we can't wait to see y'all in our stores for our Create It, Make It, Take It classes!

    These STEM inspired classes fill up pretty quickly every year, so register online at WonderWorksToys.com today to hold your child's spot!

    Each class is only $8.00 per child, and each craft gets to go home with the artist!

    Here's a short list of my gang's favorite classes:

    Make Your Own Stepping Stone

    I love this craft! Easy to personalize, this is a treasured piece of art for a garden, beside a pool, or as a welcome stone for family and friends! Ages 4 and up!

    Thinking Putty Workshop

    Kids ages 5 and up create their very own Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty to squish and squeeze! Mix and match colors with the help of a CMT expert!

    Cute Clay Confections

    Calling all kids with a sweet tooth! This super cute craft teaches kids ages 6 and up the science of baking, while making confectionery delights from quick, air-drying clay!

    Squish, Squash, Sculpt

    This fantastic Playfoam craft will delight the senses and tickle creative minds! Ages 5 and up will learn the magic of sculpture, while stretching their imaginations!

    Check out the flyers below, visit a Wonder Works store, or look inside our summer catalog for this year's complete list of classes. See y'all there!

    CMT Schedule

    CMT Details

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  5. Summer Catalog: Do, Shop, Play

    Summer Catalog: Do, Shop, Play


    The Wonder Works Summer Catalog is here!!

    Do you and your family love flipping through bright, colorful pages filled with fun? Check your mailbox and your local Wonder Works store for our wonderFUNtastical Summer Catalog!

    Get inspired with the summer's hottest gifts and games for all ages! Plan birthday gifts and summer fun from the backyard to the beach...or inside with the air conditioner on high - Charleston summers don't mess around!

    Plus, see this year's schedule for our always popular Create It, Make It, Take It summer activity series. Join us at our Mt. Pleasant and West Ashley locations for crafts and activities with your neighborhood Magic Makers. We provide the supplies and direction, you get summer fun and a cool project to treasure (or give as a gift).

    Spots fill up quickly, so sign up today!

    Not on our mailing list? Passionate about going paperless? Well, good news! You can still enjoy that classic browsing experience with our dynamically digitized eCatalog!

    Navigation is simple - just like a real catalog! Use the arrows on the left and right of each page to flip through (you'll even hear that satisfying flippy sound as you turn each page). Click the top or bottom of each page for options to save, bookmark, or share.

    Get inspired to visit your local store, browse our site for more creative gift ideas, or scroll down to the bottom of this post for a shoppable selection of our favorite catalog items!

    Don't forget to read through to the back cover for a special surprise! (Hint: It's a number that starts with 2, ends with 5, and saves you money on one fabulous gift!)


    Stock up on summer vacation supplies, plan your summer activities, or just start getting some brilliantly fun ideas for birthdays and special treats! Summer is here, and we're ready to play!

    Click to View our Summer Catalog!

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  6. Mattel Summer Celebration

    Mattel Summer Celebration

    It’s time for a summer celebration…. MATTEL STYLE! It is the 50th Anniversary of Hot Wheels, and Wonder Works is celebrating with an event filled of wheels, barbie, and FUN!

    Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 2nd, from 9:00am-2:00pm at Wonder Works West Ashley.

    Hot Wheels is the #1 selling toy in the world… That’s right, the world! The first Hot Wheels car produced was a Camaro, like the one that Rick Hendrick is bringing! There will also be a Mattel store within our Wonder Works store with… drum roll please… BRAND NEW merchandise.

    Come join the fun and get a FREE toy, FREE treats, and you can even MEET BARBIE from 10:00am-12:00pm. The fun doesn’t stop there! Charleston Animal Society will be joining us and raffling off a giant teddy bear!

    We are welcoming summertime with Mattel and lots of….MAGIC! We hope to see you there! #magichappenzhere

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