1. The RC Car with a "Twist"!

    The RC Car with a "Twist"!

    Did you know there was such a thing as a breakdancing car? We didn't either, ‘til we met the awesome flipping Turbo Twister from Mindscope! The Turbo Twister lights up, does flips, and performs all kinds of impressive stunts at the flip of a switch! The remote control is extremely easy to use - we've spotted three year olds twisting and flipping with giggles galore throughout our stores.

    Turbo Twisters are designed on two separate frequencies, so you can purchase one blue and one red and RACE (or battle) in the same space! This super cool car is incredibly durable and is perfect for use both inside and outdoors. The car and wheels both light up with bright flashing LED lights, so you can play day or night! Turbo Twisters feature a patented 360 degree front axle rotation, as well as a back extension with wheels on top of the car for full body flips!

    There's a reason they call the Turbo Twister from Mindscope the ULTIMATE STUNT CAR! Don't wait to start flipping, tumbling, rolling, dancing, and popping those wheelies! This product is not suitable for children under 3 years.

    Come test out the entire line of amazing RC Cars by Mindscope at your local Wonder Works!

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  2. Cubed Creations

    Cubed Creations

    Cubed Creations
    Create, destroy, play! The best toys are the ones that encourage imagination, creativity and problem-solving. These skills are both necessary and beneficial to a child's development. California Creations does a fantastic job of inventing toys that require all three of these skills. Wonder Works has picked out two products that are sure to please anyone!

    Animal, object, tower - your child's imagination will be flowing with ideas when they get Geomatrix in their hands. These shapes are crafted with spectacular rare earth Neodymium magnets, which are the world's strongest! The rotating magnets attach freely for unlimited creations. Kids will improve their spatial skills as they understand the different geometric shapes. Ages 3 and up!

    Similar to a Rubik's cube design, but with a fun twist! Change the cube into a star (or multiple stars) or just have a blast fidgeting with the cubes! Your child will be enhancing their spatial skills to understand the relations of the cubes in front of them. This will improve their perception, visualization and mental skills. Recommended for children aged 8 and up!


    Happy creating! 

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