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  1. Hape Knows Classic Wooden Toys

    Hape Knows Classic Wooden Toys

    One block, two blocks, three blocks - fall. Oh, the memories of playing with wooden blocks as a child. The challenge of making them stay upright, the creativity behind it…we loved it! Throughout the years, the classic, retro toy trend, such as wooden toys, has been a favorite of many households. In fact - it is one of the top 2017 toy trends and was mentioned at the 2017 Toy Fair!


    You might be thinking – “How could classic toys that were around ‘back in my day’ benefit my child when there are so many new toys on the market?” Well, these toys encourage imagination, improve hand-eye coordination, and are very tactile (just to name a few benefits). Hape International has some of the most incredible classic wooden toys on the market today.


    Encourages Imagination

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  2. Keep Life Fun with Waboba!

    Keep Life Fun with Waboba!

    Waboba: The Original Ball That Bounces on Water

    #KeepLifeFun with Waboba!

    One of our all-time, favorite summer toys is the Waboba, the original ball that bounces on water! Have you ever wondered where their name came from? Let’s break it down: WA (water) – BO (bouncing) – BA (ball) – pretty clever, right?

    The original concept for a water bouncing ball came from a lightbulb moment on a summer day in Sweden in the 1980s. Inventor and founder, Jan von Heland, was playing frisbee in the water and noticed that the disk skimmed across the water like a stone when he threw it upside down. Twenty years later, he began testing prototypes – his first ball sank. After five years of trial and error, the world’s first water bouncing ball, the Waboba Ball, hit the market in 2005.

    Since then, the Waboba Team has been working to perfect their products, constantly expanding their line to reach all ages and skill levels, for both land

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