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  1. Just Keep Swimming!

    Just Keep Swimming!

    Did you know that swimming is actually a fantastic exercise? Aside from being extremely fun and playful, there are some serious health benefits to it! It's good for your heart and joints, and it can lower blood pressure and improve your mood.  Fin Fun's Mermaid Tail is both a fun activity for your child AND an amazing way to get them up and moving.

    Let your child escape into the world of sea shells and fish friends with her very own mermaid tail. While being act

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  2. The Ultimate At Home Laser Tag!

    The Ultimate At Home Laser Tag!

    Toysmith's Laser X Double Blaster Pack brings arcade-style laser tag into your home! The Double Blaster Pack includes 2 laser x blasters with 2 receiver vests. One laser gun glows red, the other blue - perfect for two players! Keep track of shots and hits with full color lighting effects. Run around outdoors for maximum space to play and take full advantage of backyard terrain; if your aim is true, you can hit your opponent's target from up to 200 feet away! The Laser X Double Blaster Pack is just the thing for indoor active play as well! Plug in headphones to each laser blaster and feel the full immersion of the Laser X soundtrack and special sound effects. An interactive voice coach will even provide tips and feedback throughout the game! A fully immersive, interactive light and sound experience that doesn't add loud electronic noise as your kids run and play and laugh - the perfect laser tag experience for kids and adults! Uses 3 AAA batteries per blaster.

    Amp up the game

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