1. Surf's up, Dudes!

    Surf's up, Dudes!

    Hey y'all! We hope everyone's summer is being filled with fun and sun! Doesn’t living near the beach give you an extra pep in your step? We can dig our toes in the sand, feel the sun on our face, and watch the warm water come to greet us. It's great to be a South Carolinian!

    For those of you with little ones who love the beach but want to enhance their experience even more, Wonder Works is here to help. One of our hottest summer toys, Surfer Dudes, is sure to entertain your little water bugs!

    These dudes and dudettes are made for swells. In fact, there are 7 different surfers to choose from that have their own background stories! This unsinkable toy can ride any wave, any style! Just simply throw your dude into the water and watch him turn upright and surf the wave. Check out the 7 surfer dudes who will transform your beach experience!

    Which one will your child choose? Whoever they pick, you’ll be able to watch their amazement as their Surfer Dude flips over and rides each wave, every time! Make sure to apply a lot of sunscreen - no one will want to leave the shoreline!

    Toyosity, the creator of Surfer Dudes, is a lot more than just fun and games. This amazing company is, for the third time, sponsoring The National Kidney Foundation Surf Festival in Cocoa Beach! The fest is running from Friday, September 1st to Monday, September 4th. Cheer on amazing 9-year-old and under surfers as they compete in a fun and challenging competition. Read more on this totally tubular event here.

    Wonder Works wishes everyone a safe and happy summer - filled with family, friends and laughter! We hope to see you out in the waves catching huge swells with your Surfer Dudes! Surfs up!

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  2. Beat the Heat with Bling Banz!

    Beat the Heat with Bling Banz!

    It crosses every parent's mind as they take their kiddos to the beach, playground, zoo, or any other outdoor activity: overheating and excessive sun exposure. You always make sure your child is hydrated, wearing sunscreen, and spending time in the shade. These are necessary precautions to keep your child healthy. Although you are doing everything possible to stop excessive sun exposure, there's another way to beat the heat!

    Wonder Works offers Bling Banz that are not only stylish and fun, but they are an amazing way to let you and your child know if they need to spend more time in the shade!

    How it works:

    - Have your kiddo pick out one of the eight fun patterns and styles available!
    - Put sunscreen on your child as normal.
    - Strap on the Bling Banz and have fun!
    - Periodically, your child can check their wrist to see where they stand with sun exposure. Is the cartoon on the far left dark? You're good to go! Is the one in the middle dark? You're still okay running in the sun, but be cautious! When the cartoon on the right is darkening, it's time to get in the shade and drink some water!
    - Once the cartoon on the left is dark again you’re ready to keep having fun in the sun!

    These Banz are both stylish and practical! It gives your child the responsibility to check their sun exposure and keep themselves safe from overheating. Bling Banz are not just for summer, they can be used all year long!

    School is starting and that means field trips, sports games, and recess! Put the Banz on your child before school so they can check their sun exposure throughout their school day. Use it for spring sports games, outdoor birthday parties, pool days, and more!

    It's important to be informed of excessive sun exposure, and Bling Banz give you an added safety precaution to prevent it! Enjoy your time in the sun without worrying about overheating. Which style of Bling Banz will your kiddo choose?

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