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  1. A Teen Walks into a Toy Store...

    A Teen Walks into a Toy Store...

    A teen walks into a toy store, usually dragged by a parent searching for a birthday present for a younger sibling's classmate or a friend's new baby. Hunched shoulders, eyes glued to cell phone, furtive glances around store praying they don't run into anyone they know, and a complete lack of interest in any toy the parent enthusiastically asks their opinion of.

    I've seen it a thousand times while shopping with my own kids. It's not a fun experience. The bored teen is commonly sighted in big box stores across the nation, but seeing one in a specialty store makes for a whole different scenario. Especially a specialty toy store. Now, as we all know, the 13-18 year old crowd knows everything about anything, so it's a real thrill to watch a product catch their eye in a store they probably would have never walked into without a parent.

    A sunbeam lands on a

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  2. Is Your Kid a Control Freak?

    Is Your Kid a Control Freak?

    I'm not ashamed to admit that my children are complete control freaks. Yes, I said it. My gang can't get enough of any toy that can be controlled by a remote. If your family is going through the same situation, you can relax. This mom is here to help kids, and their parents, navigate the several new remote control offerings this holiday season. And there are more this year than ever before, trust me!

    Choosing the right RC toy isn't as hard as one would think, but I know how overwhelming it can be to innocently walk into a store and be confronted with dozens of different RC birds, trucks, cars, robots, etc. Your child's Christmas list just said "remote control toy". Awesome. It would be helpful if the adult buying the toy had a clue as to what kind of RC will make said letter writer squeal with delight, but he's a kid and that's not going to happen. So, after working in a toy store for 5+ years, and more importantly, raising my own brood for the past 18 years, here is my prof

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  3. Come Play at Elfstravaganza 2017!

    Come Play at Elfstravaganza 2017!

    It's here! The most wonderfuntastical time of the year!

    Join us Saturday, November 11th from 9am-2pm at Wonder Works in the Belle Hall Shopping Center for the very merry Holiday Elfstravaganza! Not only is admission FREE for the whole family - every child will receive their very own FREE toy to take home! We are so ready to get into that holiday spirit!

    Come play with the hottest toys of the year, presented by 20 of the nation's top toy vendors! See what's trending this holiday season and let the little ones play and engage - the perfect way to preview just how much play value your family will get with each toy on their li

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  4. Holiday Gift Guide

    Holiday Gift Guide

    The 2017 Holiday Gift Guide is here!

    Preview the hottest gifts of the holiday season with our one of a kind e-catalog!

    Click to find top gifts for silly, creative, fun-loving kids of all ages!

    Best of all, flip through to the end for an EXCLUSIVE coupon code for 20% off one item through the end of October!

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  5. Calling All Archers in Training!

    Calling All Archers in Training!

    If your little one is an aspiring archer, then does Wonder Works have the toy for you! The Faux Bow Pro from Marky Sparky Toys is a cool twist on the classic sport of archery! This durable faux bow gets kids outside for hours of active play! Not only does this set help the development of hand-eye coordination, but it also inspires creativity as kids can build their own targets. We all know active play is the best kind of play, and this toy is sure to get the kids up and moving

    The three included "Impact Arrows" are totally unique, so much so that the arrows are patent-pending! Ultra-lightweight and extremely strong, these arrows can fly over 200 feet! The foam arrow tips are designed to bounce off targets which is both fun and safe. No need to worry about injury or damage! Designed to be shot left OR right handed!

    Concerned about losing arrows? Not with this clever bow design. The quiver c

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