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  1. The Importance of Imaginative Play

    The Importance of Imaginative Play

    When toddlers engage in imaginative play, such as role playing, this opens the door to healthy emotional and social developments that lasts a lifetime. Little ones are preparing themselves for school, social situations in everyday life, and learning to cope with peers while building self-esteem! 

    Our children are little mirrors of ourselves - they emulate the grown-ups in their lives. So it's up to parents and caregivers to provide the necessary toys to encourage this kind of pretend play. Here is a perfect example:

    Taking my 3 toddlers to the grocery store used to be a trip I dreaded, especially if there is only one kiddie cart left in the store. This was years ago, and caused more than one tantrum in the cereal aisle. I searched everywhere for a toddler sized cart to use at home, but could only find plastic carts that fell apart way too easily. When Melissa and Doug released their

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  2. Here Comes Cupid!

    Here Comes Cupid!

    Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. The pink and red decorations make my heart soar. Don't get me started on the rows and rows heart shaped boxes, filled with delectable chocolates, that line stores' shelves! And the smell of roses in the air literally makes my toes curl with delight...I can't get enough of this lovely holiday! I'm that neighbor on your street with the enormous Valentine flag hanging off her porch, a Valentine garden flag planted squarely in the front yard, red felt heart garlands decorating the gutters, and red fairy lights strung on the trees. Like I said, I LOVE Valentine's Day! 

    As far back as I can remember, every year on February 14th the Valentine's Day Fairy, best friend of Cupid, visited our house. The thrill of waking up and heading downstairs to see what that beautiful fairy left on our kitchen table is such a great memory. Of course, when my chil

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  3. Birthday Bin Bliss

    Birthday Bin Bliss

    Your child comes home from school, grabs a quick snack, blows a kiss, and he's off again. It's our jobs as parents to sort out priorities for the rest of the afternoon into the evening hours, and we do this by first sorting out the mess that is spilled from backpacks and messenger bags, thrown from little shoulders onto the closest piece of furniture. At least 2-3 times a month, a colorful envelope with a name scrawled across the front catches a parent's eye. Oh yes, we know what that magical message contains...a classmate's birthday invitation. We check our kitchen calendars, call the number to RSVP, and double-check the invite for a theme for the upcoming celebration. 

    Sounds so easy, doesn't it? If you're lucky, the birthday invitation will give a hint as to what the perfect gift to shop for will be...but many times, it's not quite so clear. When my youngest was in 2nd grade, she was invited to a 'Vampire Princess' Party at James Island County Park. I've always pride

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  4. Whining in a Winter Wonderland

    Whining in a Winter Wonderland

    Yesterday, around 4:00 in the afternoon, I received a phone call. Let me be a bit more clear: it's the kind of call that every parent dreads. My heart froze as I stared at the number glowing on my cell, knowing full well who it was, and I was tempted to just let it ring. I didn't want to face whatever awful news was about to befall me, but I also knew the caller would leave a long, detailed message if I didn't answer. I slowly swiped the glowing green handset on my cell's screen, took a long shaky breath, and waited. Hearing no voice on the other line, I tentatively whispered "Yes?"

    Suddenly, a nauseatingly cheerful, pre-recorded voice started to speak..."Hello, this is the Charleston County School District calling to let parents and students know that due to inclement weather, school will not resume until Tuesday, January 9th. Have a pleasant evening."

    Wait...what?? There was only one more day left of winter break, and this happens?! 

    My four kids

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