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  1. The Magic Touch

    The Magic Touch

    We all know books are magic. They can transport us to other worlds, teach us a new skill, and broaden our horizons on any subject our hearts desire. But did you know that books for infants are a major tool in tactile learning? More specifically, touch and feel books, made especially for babies and toddlers.

    Moving an infant's hands over the textured pages of a board book not only heightens the sense of touch, but also accelerates and improves eye muscle development. Describing what baby is touching and the sensation it causes is also neccessary for brain development. For example: "The lamb's wool is soft. Softness is nice."

    In fact, according to an article by Fairy Dust Teaching, "Touch is one of the most important components of bonding with another person".

    Now, what happens when we introduce a

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  2. Top Spring Treats for Teens

    Top Spring Treats for Teens

    Bath Bombs - A warm, relaxing soak in the tub after a long day at school, or especially, a long night on the sports field, is often just what the doctor ordered! Long considered a luxury item, bath bombs are now an affordable, fun gift to give friends and family. With so many to choose from, bath bombs make a fantastic, thoughtful treat to give to that teen in your life who could use a little pampering.


    • Let's Be Mermaids Bath Bomb - My 14 year old's favorite! Delicious smelling and absolutely gorgeous, this mermaid bomb is the size of an actual cupcake!
    • Fortune Telling Bath Bomb Set - This set includes 3 fabulous, fizzy yummy, mini cupcake, and two wonderfully scented bombs with secret fortun
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  3. The Joy of a Jelly Cat

    The Joy of a Jelly Cat
    If you've never held a Jelly Cat plush critter in your arms, you have never experienced true joy. A bit dramatic, you say? Is this true, you ask? Yes and yes! I have been a fan of everything Jelly Cat for years now, and I love introducing this London based company's creations to friends, family, and, of course, our loyal Wonder Works customers. And with Easter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to talk about Bashful Bunnies, Pom Poms, and some of my other favorites in the Jelly Cat plush line.
    Like I said before, the Easter Bunny will soon be hopping down the bunny trail. Jelly Cat has an entire line of gorgeous Bashful Bunnies, and a line of Bashful plush. I have no idea how Mr. Bunny actually parts with any of these cuddly baby animals...his big paws have nothing on the softness of a s
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  4. Always and Forever FUN!

    Always and Forever FUN!

    The Wonder Works Spring Catalog is here!!

    There's something special about flipping through a catalog - seeing all the brightly colored toys laid out side by side, imagining EVERYTHING from that one page wrapped up neatly for you to tear into, hearing the satisfying swoosh of the page turning - it just builds anticipation like nothing else can. But in today's digital world, it can be hard to keep track of physical info. That's why we've created special digital versions of the catalogs we love!

    Discover the perfect gift as you browse the latest and greatest toys and gifts for the whole family, from picky tweens to scientists, superheros, and creative masterminds!

    Navigation is simple - just like a real catalog! Use the arrows on the left an

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  5. Are you ready to build?

    Are you ready to build?

    UPDATE: We're living in LEGO LAND! Due to the response of our LEGO Building Challenge, we will be announcing the winners on Monday, March 5th. We want to make sure we have enough time to look at each and every entry, so keep an eye on your inbox this Monday!

    It’s been a chilly winter here in Charleston, and some people are saying we’re supposed to get more snow next week!

    If the kids are going crazy inside, we have a solution: challenge them to build the coolest, most original LEGO®️ creation they can imagine. We’re talking castles with dragons, their favorite vacation spot, an iconic Charleston building, an imaginary creature…the possibilities are endless!

    When the masterpiece is complete, enter it into our 4th Annual LEGO®️ Building Challenge

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