1. The Magic Touch

    The Magic Touch

    We all know books are magic. They can transport us to other worlds, teach us a new skill, and broaden our horizons on any subject our hearts desire. But did you know that books for infants are a major tool in tactile learning? More specifically, touch and feel books, made especially for babies and toddlers.

    Moving an infant's hands over the textured pages of a board book not only heightens the sense of touch, but also accelerates and improves eye muscle development. Describing what baby is touching and the sensation it causes is also neccessary for brain development. For example: "The lamb's wool is soft. Softness is nice."

    In fact, according to an article by Fairy Dust Teaching, "Touch is one of the most important components of bonding with another person".

    Now, what happens when we introduce a baby to a new object?

    Usually, depending on the age, baby's first instinct is to put said object into his mouth. That's the way babies develop a sense of their surroundings from the start - tasting and touching.

    Well, good news! There are plenty of books for infants from the moment their little eyes open!

    Text or no text, books are essential to a child's love of learning for a lifetime, and reading together is key to strengthing the bonds between parent and child. The lilt of a parent's voice as they read aloud, the snuggling that occurs during reading time, the tiny hands opening and grasping at the pages of a colorful book - all of these moments are priceless and help to stimulate developing senses.

    Babies depend on their sense of touch to explore the world outside of the womb; it's never too early to start exploring that world together.

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  2. Top Spring Treats for Teens

    Top Spring Treats for Teens

    Bath Bombs - A warm, relaxing soak in the tub after a long day at school, or especially, a long night on the sports field, is often just what the doctor ordered! Long considered a luxury item, bath bombs are now an affordable, fun gift to give friends and family. With so many to choose from, bath bombs make a fantastic, thoughtful treat to give to that teen in your life who could use a little pampering.


    • Let's Be Mermaids Bath Bomb - My 14 year old's favorite! Delicious smelling and absolutely gorgeous, this mermaid bomb is the size of an actual cupcake!
    • Fortune Telling Bath Bomb Set - This set includes 3 fabulous, fizzy bombs...one yummy, mini cupcake, and two wonderfully scented bombs with secret fortunes inside!
    • DaBomb Treasure - Invented by two teen sisters, this coconut-scented bath treasure bomb includes a real, metal pirate doubloon that appears in water as bomb dissolves! What a treat!
    • Unicorn Dreams Bath Bomb - Brightly colored unicorn cupcake softens water and moisturizes skin, creating the ultimate bath experience!
    • DaBomb Earth - Designed with swirly blues and greens, this bath bomb looks like our own mother Earth! Here's the best part...all proceeds go to saving our world's oceans!


    Corkcicles - Staying hydrated is often a challenge for busy teens, and a cause for concern for parents like me who worry their growing kids aren't drinking enough fluids. Corkcicle canteens and tumblers are the perfect solution! Available in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes, these beauties keep cold drinks cold for up to 25 hours, or hot for up to 12 hours. All day refreshment for an active teen is certainly a treat!


    • Lemonade Canteen - This sunny 9oz canteen is perfect for the biking teen, and fits into the side of any backpack! Crafted of stainless steel with a screw on top, this canteen is sure to be a favorite all year round!
    • Pixie Dust Tumbler - This stunning 24oz tumbler sparkles in the sun on those long, hot summer days! Slip proof bottom and easy grip sides make this tumbler the perfect teen beach accessory!
    • Waterman Biscay Bay Canteen - Beautiful blue, textured, powder-coated finish canteen holds a whopping 60oz of your favorite beverage. Teens who love to camp, or spend the day on the water with friends, will appreciate this thirst quenching treat!
    • Tumbler Straws - Set of 2 stainless steel straws are great for the eco-friendly teen, and they fit any size Corkcicle tumbler!


    Fun Socks - Sassy and smart, socks with fun graphics and sayings are a top teen trend this year! A great fashion accessory that allows a peek into a teen's personality and sense of humor! Sure to be a conversation starter, these few favorite pairs of my own teens are sure to be a hit!


    • Video Game - We all know that kid, the one who dreams of becoming a professional gamer, who plugs in to relieve stress! Game on!
    • Stop Talking - Could this be a secret message that only adults can read? Bright flowers and vines adorn this pair, and let teens express themselves in a very unique way!
    • Runnin' the World and Stuff - Teens are our future leaders...encourage them with these awesome, hot pink and brown socks! When worn, images on each foot match up for a fun graphic!
    • Dogs - A teen's best friend, everyone loves those furry, four-legged friends and family members!

    Find all of these teen treats and much, much more at Wonder Works! One of our awesome toy experts will be happy to show you all of our brand new teen (and tween) items! More arriving everyday, and I know you'll find something for every kid on your list!
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  3. The Joy of a Jelly Cat

    The Joy of a Jelly Cat
    If you've never held a Jelly Cat plush critter in your arms, you have never experienced true joy. A bit dramatic, you say? Is this true, you ask? Yes and yes! I have been a fan of everything Jelly Cat for years now, and I love introducing this London based company's creations to friends, family, and, of course, our loyal Wonder Works customers. And with Easter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to talk about Bashful Bunnies, Pom Poms, and some of my other favorites in the Jelly Cat plush line.
    Like I said before, the Easter Bunny will soon be hopping down the bunny trail. Jelly Cat has an entire line of gorgeous Bashful Bunnies, and a line of Bashful plush. I have no idea how Mr. Bunny actually parts with any of these cuddly baby animals...his big paws have nothing on the softness of a shy Cream Bunny or a Blossom Jasmine Bunny, but those baskets must be filled. Touching a Bashful Bunny's ears is the ultimate in stress relief - try it and you will instantly become a believer. I've honestly never felt anything softer, and if those ears can calm this forty-something Mom, imagine what that same softness does to soothe fussy babies and toddlers!
    The perfect, and I do mean perfect, baby shower gift is a small Jelly Cat plush paired with a matching Jelly Cat 'If I Were' touch and feel board book. Bright graphics and textured pages make these books a thoughtful gift, while actually helping to develop a baby's sensory development. Choose from zebras, monkeys, unicorns, puppies, ducklings, lambs, and many more! I guarantee you'll find a Jelly Cat to fit any theme, decor, or animal kingdom favorite!
    For the funky ones in your life, Jelly Cat has launched a line of Pom Pom plush. I'm really not quite sure what kind of animal these characters are, but I know they put the 'F' in fabulous! Each Pom Pom's wispy furry feathers are a pastel mottled design, and no two are alike! Kids ages 3-73 will fall instantly in love with these crazy birds (I'm guessing on animal here, folks), and they make a great gift for any occasion!
    Wonder Works has a full line of Jelly Cat plush and books that you have to see to believe! Come by any of our four stores, and a Magic Maker will be happy to help you navigate through the scrumptious world of Jelly Cat!
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  4. Always and Forever FUN!

    Always and Forever FUN!

    The Wonder Works Spring Catalog is here!!

    There's something special about flipping through a catalog - seeing all the brightly colored toys laid out side by side, imagining EVERYTHING from that one page wrapped up neatly for you to tear into, hearing the satisfying swoosh of the page turning - it just builds anticipation like nothing else can. But in today's digital world, it can be hard to keep track of physical info. That's why we've created special digital versions of the catalogs we love!

    Discover the perfect gift as you browse the latest and greatest toys and gifts for the whole family, from picky tweens to scientists, superheros, and creative masterminds!

    Navigation is simple - just like a real catalog! Use the arrows on the left and right of each page to flip through (you'll even hear that satisfying flippy sound as you turn each page). Click the top or bottom of each page for options to save, bookmark, or share. Get inspired to visit your local store, browse our site for more creative gift ideas, or scroll down to the bottom of this post for a shoppable selection of our favorite catalog items!

    Don't forget to read through to the back cover for a special surprise! (Hint: It's a number that starts with 2, ends with 0, and saves you money on one fabulous gift!)

    There's still plenty of time to find the perfect gift for your Valentine - just select FREE in-store pickup at checkout, and we'll have your gift ready and waiting at your nearest Wonder Works within 2 business days! FREE gift wrap also available - just leave a note at checkout and we'll do the rest!

    Click to Shop our Spring Catalog

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  5. Are you ready to build?

    Are you ready to build?

    UPDATE: We're living in LEGO LAND! Due to the response of our LEGO Building Challenge, we will be announcing the winners on Monday, March 5th. We want to make sure we have enough time to look at each and every entry, so keep an eye on your inbox this Monday!

    It’s been a chilly winter here in Charleston, and some people are saying we’re supposed to get more snow next week!

    If the kids are going crazy inside, we have a solution: challenge them to build the coolest, most original LEGO®️ creation they can imagine. We’re talking castles with dragons, their favorite vacation spot, an iconic Charleston building, an imaginary creature…the possibilities are endless!

    When the masterpiece is complete, enter it into our 4th Annual LEGO®️ Building Challenge! This year, we’re picking a different set of winners at our Mt. Pleasant and West Ashley stores.

    The grand prize winner in each store gets a $100 Wonder Works Gift Card! Kiddos also have the chance to win a $50 or $25 Wonder Works Gift Card if they place first or second in their age category!

    Think you have a LEGO®️ lover who might be interested? Here are our official rules:

    1. One entry per person.
    2. Entries may be dropped off at Wonder Works Mt. Pleasant or West Ashley between Thursday, 2/1 and Wednesday, 2/28. Start building your creation now!
    3. Entries must remain at Wonder Works until the end of the contest. Please pick up your entries by Monday, 3/5 or they will be donated.
    4. Creations will be judged on creativity, originality, and building skills by Wonder Works Staff and Celebrity Guest Judges!
    5. Participants should construct their Lego creation ON THEIR OWN! NO HELP FROM MOM AND DAD!
    6. Maximum size of entry is 18” wide x 18” deep x 18” high. All entries must be secured to a board prior to submission.

    Categories: Ages 3-5, Ages 6-8, Ages 9-13

    Overall Grand Prize: $100 Wonder Works Gift Card

    1st Place Each Category: $50 Wonder Works Gift Card

    2nd Place Each Category: $25 Wonder Works Gift Card

    Prizes awarded per store!

    You have until Wednesday, February 28th to submit your creation, so get those bricks stacking!


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