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  1. 11 Screen-Free Toys to Spark Creative Play

    11 Screen-Free Toys to Spark Creative Play

    Bicycles zooming, barely muted giggles from the perfect hide-and-seek spot, a furrowed brow on a kid lost in thought...these are the little moments that make childhood magical.

    Being a kid is all about getting creative - making, learning, doing, growing. Little minds are absolutely brilliant, soaking up all the new information and experiences they encounter every day. It's the coolest thing to watch their gears turn and see how they pull all this stuff together, creating a totally unique way of looking at the world.

    Ironically, in this amazing age of information, kids are getting less creative. This isn't just grousing about kids these days, there's actual data to back this up.

    So how do we combat this?

    A great way to start is by taking the Screen-F

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  2. Hooray for Screen Free Week!

    Hooray for Screen Free Week!

    Did you know that the week of April 30-May 6 is Screen-Free Week? Yep, it's time to unplug (except for work and studying), and give our tired brains a rest.

    As wonderful as most technology is these days, the distraction screens cause in us and, especially, in our kids, needs to be shelved every once in a while. For this one glorious week, all families, schools, and communities are encouraged to unplug and remember what is was like before we carried mini-computers in our pockets.

    As a society, it almost feels as if without our devices, we would be totally lost. According to Time magazine, adults check their phones an average of 47 times a day...for kids ages 12 and over, it's almost double. It's time to unplug, time to explore, time to reconnect with each other.

    You are not alone if the panic of trying to find a family activity that

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  3. Meet Silhouette Artist Clay Rice

    Meet Silhouette Artist Clay Rice

    Our favorite son of the South, Clay Rice, will be in our Mt. Pleasant and West Ashley stores this weekend!

    This world-renowned artist and children's book author is a favorite visitor of ours, a true gentleman that hails from three generations of extraordinary silhouette artists. Having Clay in our stores always causes a flurry of excitement, for customers and staff alike.

    His gentle nature and impish grin immediately put everyone at ease, especially the subject of the silhouette at hand. Even the most restless child suddenly sits still, wa

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  4. 7 Magical Gifts for Merry Mermaids

    7 Magical Gifts for Merry Mermaids

    I truly believe that Charleston is the best place in the world to live; just ask any travel magazine or any of the new residents migrating here in droves. Seriously, there is a reason why people from all over the world choose to either vacation or settle down here, and I believe I know the main reason. This lovely city of ours has mermaids. Yep, real live mermaids!


    The Weeki Wachee Mermaids grace us with their shimmery presence once a year, for a few short days, at the SC Aquarium downtown. I take my kids every year, and they love watching those beauties swim gracefully through the Great Tank. The magic of believing in mermaids fills our heads as we plan our aquarium excursion this weekend.


    We know the myths and the legends, but what if they really do exist? Imagine the possibilities, and the undersea life mermaids and mermen lead...if only for a few hours, on an ordinary family visi

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  5. THIS FRIDAY: Bridge Run Kids Run & Wonderfest

    THIS FRIDAY: Bridge Run Kids Run & Wonderfest

    Gear up for the Cooper River Bridge Run Kids Run & Wonderfest, the largest FREE Family Festival in Charleston!


    Join us in Hampton Park in Downtown Charleston on Friday, April 6th from 11:00am-6:00pm for FREE activities, free food, and a FREE TOY for every child!


    Kids of all ages can participate in the Kids Run - just register by Wednesday, April 4th! No registration required for other activities.


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