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  1. Create It! Make It! Take It!

    Create It! Make It! Take It!

    Summer time is craft time, and that means it's time to get messy!

    As always, Wonder Works' merry band of Magic Makers has your kid covered. Every year about this time, our team gets together and picks the most fabulous, magical, fun crafts ever. This year is no exception, and we can't wait to see y'all in our stores for our Create It, Make It, Take It classes!

    These STEM inspired classes fill up pretty quickly every year, so register online at today to hold your child's spot!

    Each class is only $8.00 per child, and each craft gets to go home with the artist!

    Here's a short list of my gang's favorite classes:

    Make Your Own Stepping Stone

    I love this craft! Easy to personalize, this is a treasured piece

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  2. Summer Catalog: Do, Shop, Play

    Summer Catalog: Do, Shop, Play


    The Wonder Works Summer Catalog is here!!

    Do you and your family love flipping through bright, colorful pages filled with fun? Check your mailbox and your local Wonder Works store for our wonderFUNtastical Summer Catalog!

    Get inspired with the summer's hottest gifts and games for all ages! Plan birthday gifts and summer fun from the backyard to the beach...or inside with the air conditioner on high - Charleston summers don't mess around!

    Plus, see this year's schedule for our always popular Create It, Make It, Take It summer activity series. Join us at our Mt. Pleasant and West Ashley locations for crafts and activities with your neighborhood Magic Makers. We provide the

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  3. Mattel Summer Celebration

    Mattel Summer Celebration

    It’s time for a summer celebration…. MATTEL STYLE! It is the 50th Anniversary of Hot Wheels, and Wonder Works is celebrating with an event filled of wheels, barbie, and FUN!

    Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 2nd, from 9:00am-2:00pm at Wonder Works West Ashley.

    Hot Wheels is the #1 selling toy in the world… That’s right, the world! The first Hot Wheels car produced was a Camaro, like the one that Rick Hendrick is bringing! There will also be a Mattel store within our Wonder Works store with… drum roll please… BRAND NEW merchandise.

    Come join the fun and get a FREE toy, FREE treats, and you can even MEET BARBIE from 10:00am-12:00pm. The fun doesn’t stop there! Charleston Animal Society will be joining us and raffling off a giant teddy bear!

    We are welcoming summertime with Mattel and lots of….MAGIC! We hope to see you the

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  4. The Lady Behind the Wonder

    The Lady Behind the Wonder

    Birthdays only come once a year, and we hope they get more magical every time! This year Wonder Works is celebrating the 60th birthday of our owner, Christine Osborne. 60 must be the new 40 because she sure is energized and ageless!

    Christine is a mother of two (but really 200!) and a grandmother of two. She has received numerous awards from being recognized as the founder of “The Best Toy Store in the South” to being “One of Charleston’s Most Influential Women.” She has published works in multiple national and toy industry websites and magazines. Christine’s charisma and bright outlook radiate through Wonder Works Toys and all of the people connected to it. She has magic!!

    When I first met Christine she told me, “Never lose your quirks! They make you who you are and they are special just like you!” Each day she is a walking example of someone who isn’t afraid to be herself. She can be silly, goofy, crazy, and FUN! Christine embraces who s

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  5. Summer Magic: Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler

    Summer Magic: Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler

    Summer is right around the's so close I can taste the iced tea and smell the suncreen on my kid's cheeks when we cuddle.

    There are so many reasons to love summer - no school, long days, sand in our toes, and especially the hours of outdoor play in our sun-splashed backyard.

    Want to make the summer of 2018 even more magical for your family and friends? It's simple with the brand spanking new inflatable Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler from Big Mouth! 

    At almost 7 feet tall, this mythical beast dwarfs all other backyard sprinklers! Just imagine stepping out your back door and seeing this giant sprinkler, spraying water out of its enormous horn, to the delight of every overheated member of the family!

    Toddlers, with their natural sense of wonder and imagination, adore playing hide and seek around the unicorn's lovely legs. Older kids can lay on the grass, c

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  6. 7 Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts

    7 Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts

    Moms. They're just the best, right?

    They love us unconditionally. They gave us life. They taught us how to be the very best versions of ourselves. And believe it or not, moms are also individuals. Hilarious, creative, personality-filled individuals. And they are absolutely flawless, of course.

    So how to find the perfect gift for your favorite lady in the whole wide world? The gift that says, Mom, you're amazing and I love you. I love you for who YOU are - quirks, passions, and individuality included.

    This year, show Mama how much you love her by showering her with affection, appreciation, and just a little something extra to show you care about HER.

    Get inspired with these 7 meaningful Mother's Day gifts that show you've really been paying attention to the little things. There's sure to be something for every mama, grandma, or godmother on your list!


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