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  1. Squish Away The Stress

    Squish Away The Stress

    It is about that time to…. DE-STRESS.

    Stress levels have been off the walls lately and I don’t have time to go to yoga every day or to start meditating! My stress seems to rub off on my kids, then to my husband, and I have found myself and my family caught up in a never-ending cycle. I have been looking everywhere to help relieve my stress and I have FINALLY found the answer!


    “Say what?”

    Orb Toys makes colorful, slimy, or beaded stress balls that can be taken anywhere or just thrown into your purse!

    “I doubt a stress ball would really work.”

    Ahhh…I thought you’d say that!

    Stress balls are proven to relieve stress and act as physical therapy! I love them because they are simple and easy. It doesn’t involve an hour of my time or anything more added to my schedule that in the end can make me more stressed!

    Hold your stress ball at red lights, while working, watching tv, or even when pushing the stroller! Your str

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  2. The World's Smartest Dog

    The World's Smartest Dog

    The World’s Smartest Pet


    Every child wants a pet. They beg and PROMISE to walk him, PROMISE to feed him, PROMISE to clean up after him. In reality, most parents know that’s probably not how it’s going to work out.


    Enter GIZMO, the coolest pet you'll ever own! This artificially intelligent puppy will not only take heed to your voice commands, such as "Sit", "Laydown", and "Rollover", but also offers Bluetooth connection. You can watch Gizmo dance to the beat while playing your favorite tunes via his speaker! Can your dog do that?! Gizmo’s embedded educational feature and can be a powerful teaching tool for kids learning their alphabet or numbers.


    Interact with Gizmo using voice commands or download the smartphone APP control. The infrared sensors sense proximity and will help it avoid obstacles. Gizmo has multiple touch sensors located on its body and responds to praise and pett

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  3. Hush Little Baby

    Hush Little Baby

     Growing up with two younger sisters, playing “house” was something we did almost every day. To our father’s dismay, our baby brother was often the subject of endless outfit changes and doctor’s visits. (Don’t worry, Harry turned out just fine!)


    One thing we loved almost as much as our actual baby brother was our baby dolls. We would spend hours building cradles and houses for our babies. I think this is why I love the new Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Baby Care Activity Center so much!


    This triple-sided play set has everything you need to feed, change, bathe, soothe, and put baby to bed. The wooden center includes a kitchen with refrigerator, sink, and high chair. A changing and bathing area features a bathtub with spray nozzle and flip-down changing mat, a mirror, wipes dispenser, diaper disposal, and washing machine with clicking dial. The nursery area has a rocking cradle,

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