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  1. 2018 Holiday Hours

    2018 Holiday Hours

    We’re here to help YOU Make Magic Happen this holiday season! Here are our store hours through the rest of the year…


    Sunday, December 23rd

    Mt. Pleasant & West Ashley: 10AM – 7PM

    Downtown: 9:30AM – 6PM

    Kiawah: 11AM – 5PM


    Monday, December 24th

    Mt. Pleasant & West Ashley: 9:30AM – 3PM

    Downtown: 9:30AM – 4PM

    Kiawah: 10AM – 3PM


    Tuesday, December 25th

    ALL STORES CLOSED! Merry Christmas!


    Wednesday, December 26th

    Mt. Pleasant & West Ashley: 10AM – 6PM

    Downtown: 9:30AM – 6PM

    Kiawah: 10AM – 6PM


    Thursday, December 27th

    Mt. Pleasant: 10AM – 6PM


    Downtown: 9:30AM – 6PM

    Kiawah: 10AM

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  2. That's So Retro

    That's So Retro

    If you haven’t noticed, retro is IN. From inflatable chairs to denim jackets with patches, retro is having a moment not only in the fashion industry but in the toy world, too!


    Our personal favorite retro toy is the ORIGINAL Lava Lamp from Schylling! Fun fact: the Lava Lamp was invented by a British accountant named Edward Craven Walker in 1963 from a design for an egg time he’d seen in a pub!


    Stressed from a long day at work or dealing with the kids? Turn on your lava lamp and turn off the lights for instant relaxation! Even cooler? Lava Lamps make great therapeutic lights! The gentle stimulation of the flowing liquid inside a Lava Lamp is soothing for those with special needs or sensory issues, helping them focus while doing homework or calm down before bedtime.

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  3. We're Not Crazy!

    We're Not Crazy!

    If you love #SHOPLOCAL then think Wonder Works because we love our community!! Christine Osborne, the owner and founder of Wonder Works, inspires a company culture focused on giving back to our Charleston community. Wonder Works encourages us to volunteer with local organizations, donates toys to MUSC Children’s Hospital, and has an open-door policy for entrepreneurs who want to share toy ideas. In so many ways, Wonder Works creates smiling faces!

    One of our toy suppliers, Crazy Aaron’s Putty World, supports his Philadelphia community to such a degree that we are proud to shine the SPOTLIGHT on him and to share our love and support for the good he is doing!

    You can mold it, you can squish it, you can stick it to your wall… what is it? PUTTTYYYYY!!!!

    Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty isn’t the classic putty you’re imagining… you know… the 1957 putty in the red egg!

    Crazy Aaron’

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