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  1. The Holidays Just Got Easier with Layaway at Wonder Works!

    The Holidays Just Got Easier with Layaway at Wonder Works!

    Fa la la la la! The countdown to Christmas has begun at Wonder Works! Beginning September 5, Wonder Works will offer Layaway in our Mount Pleasant and West Ashley stores! Layaway will help you lock down the hottest toys of the season in time for holiday celebrations. Plan ahead and avoid the stress of last-minute shopping - no crowds, no fuss, and you're sure to nab the season's hottest toys before they fly off the shelves. Visit us today and begin your holiday shopping!  

    4 Top Secret Layaway Advantages from the Wonder Works Elves to you!


    1. Decrease Holiday Stress with Layaway.

    Start your layaway today! Shop now and avoid the holiday traffic! You pay 1/3 at the beginning and the rest later. We elves will keep track of all your orders; it's easy!  

    2. We Wrap Your Gifts For You!

    Just call us by December 14th requesting complimentary wrapping and pick

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  2. 7 Magical Gifts for Merry Mermaids

    7 Magical Gifts for Merry Mermaids

    I truly believe that Charleston is the best place in the world to live; just ask any travel magazine or any of the new residents migrating here in droves. Seriously, there is a reason why people from all over the world choose to either vacation or settle down here, and I believe I know the main reason. This lovely city of ours has mermaids. Yep, real live mermaids!


    The Weeki Wachee Mermaids grace us with their shimmery presence once a year, for a few short days, at the SC Aquarium downtown. I take my kids every year, and they love watching those beauties swim gracefully through the Great Tank. The magic of believing in mermaids fills our heads as we plan our aquarium excursion this weekend.


    We know the myths and the legends, but what if they really do exist? Imagine the possibilities, and the undersea life mermaids and mermen lead...if only for a few hours, on an ordinary family visi

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  3. 5 Must-Have Outdoor Toys for Spring

    5 Must-Have Outdoor Toys for Spring

    The flowers are blooming, the beach is beckoning, and Spring is definitely in the air! After we all survived the great snowfall of '18 here in Charleston, it's time to get outside and play!


    If climbing, swinging, riding, and jumping are on your family's warm weather to-do list, then you can't go wrong with these must-have active toys for Spring and Summer!


    With nothing but sunshine on the horizon, it's time to get the whole family outside and moving! Turn your backyard into the ultimate personalized playground with these best-selling outdoor toys for kids of all ages:


    Swurfer - Made locally on John's Island, this solid maple swing is the talk of the lowcountry! Its unique shape and wooden contoured

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  4. 5 Gifts to Celebrate Women's History

    5 Gifts to Celebrate Women's History

    In the 1980s, a Presidential Proclamation was issued declaring March to be National Women's History Month. Finally, history-making women would be brought to the forefront and nationally recognized for their achievements in making our world a better place.

    The importance of educating our children about these amazing females cannot be stressed enough...they are our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters.

    So it's time to celebrate those brave wonderful women who came before us, to teach our growing girls to never stop dreaming, and to know that they can make a difference in any field they choose to study.

    Every single day of National Women's History Month is an opportunity for teachable moments. We can encourage our daughters and grand-daughters, from toddlers to teens, by our own example. There are board games, books, and other items we can give to encourage and educate the future generation of female thinkers, movers, and makers. Here are a few gift ide

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  5. Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on its Way!

    Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on its Way!

    The sun is shining and the azaleas are blooming here in Charleston! Sweet spring breezes carry the southern scents of pluff mud, freshly mowed lawns, roasting oysters, and dozens of boiling eggs on my kitchen stove.

    Easter is only a month away, so let's get cracking on those baskets! Cracking? Get it? I really do tickle myself, but let's not get off track. Mr. E. Bunny, along with his little helper bunnies, have been planning all year for the big day and now it's almost here. Good thing you've got enough helpers in your burrow, creating the perfect Easter basket for everyone in your family. Pardon me? You don't have any? Life with kids is hectic, and you haven't had time to shop for even one yummy jellybean yet? Well I've got news that will make your whiskers twitch with joy. You have Wonder Works, and every spring, our Magic Makers turn into your personal helper bunnies. This c

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  6. The Year of the Unique

    The Year of the Unique

    Anyone in your house yearning for a unicorn? Staring wistfully at sloths? Longing for a llama, perhaps?

    Well if so, you are in luck! You see, it's becoming more and more apparent that 2018 is truly the Year of the Unique. These three examples are just the tip of the iceberg, but they are this writer's personal faves so that's what I'm going to write about. Teddy bears and baby dolls are still at the top of the list of our most loved toys, but it's time to broaden our horizons when it comes to shopping for our children. Embrace the uniqueness of those you love, celebrate the quirkiness, and remember that if you can think it, you can be it. Forget the Year of the Dog...the Year of the Unique is coming in strong!

    Let's start with the fabled unicorn, the subject of many a bedtime story in my house. Honestly, you can't swing a fairy in a store without hitting a unicorn. Whether you're in the ma

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