1. The Perfect Pet for Under the Tree

    The Perfect Pet for Under the Tree

    Picture this: You’re 6 years old again. It’s Christmas morning. At the crack of dawn your eyes fly open and your heart starts pounding with excitement. “It’s time,” you think to yourself. You hardly slept the night before but you’ve never felt more alert and awake. You’re hoping that Santa got your letter and that maybe, just maybe, he brought you what you’ve always wanted: an adorable furry friend. As you spring out of bed you don’t even bother changing out of your snowman pj’s. You race down the stairs and holiday fun ensues. There’s a blur of red and green wrapping paper as you’re opening one amazing gift after another. That’s when you see it: the Perfect Pet!

    Okay, back to reality. Pefect Petzzz are the perfect gift to put under the tree this Christmas! They give you all the same warm fuzzy feelings of a real puppy or kitty without the hassle! That’s right – no clean up, no vet bills, no torn-up couch cushions! 88 Unlimited offers a huge variety of different breeds of both puppy and kitty Perfect Petzzz. From Golden Retrievers and Yorkies to Black and White kittens and Orange Tabbies, there’s a Perfect Pet for everyone!

    Kids will get real pet ownership experience while learning compassion, nurturing, and responsibility. Perfect Petzzz are hand crafted with soft, synthetic fur. Their little bellies even move up and down as they sleep! Little ones will love snuggling up with their new best friend. Each Perfect Pet comes with their very own accessories: a bed, collar, brush, and an adoption certificate. What kid wouldn’t want to find one of these cuties snoozing under the tree this Christmas!?

    Shop the entire line below or find them at any of our 4 locations!

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  2. Handmade Holiday Happiness

    Handmade Holiday Happiness

    Every year, as soon as my kids are out of school for winter break, we sit down together and start our holiday crafts. Some crafts we keep, but most of the kid's creations are gifts to friends and family. I start this annual tradition by opening my carefully organized, clean, color coded craft cabinet, and select the afternoon's project. Just kidding! What mom has that kind of time of her hands? I'm no Martha Stewart. Not by a long shot. But I really do love my handmade ornaments, Christmas cards, and little presents my children have made for me over the years. Whether the presents were made at school or at home, each craft holds precious memories for me. One glance at my tree and it's obvious, I'm a sentimental old fool, especially since these kids of mine are soon to be college bound. 

    If you're like me, having any sort of craft closet is usually a shelf in the hall closet with a few scraps of fabric, some markers, a dried up glue stick, and a pack of unopened construction paper. A cabinet like Martha's is just a pipe dream to the majority of us frazzled parents. As always, your friendly neighborhood Wonder Works is here to make your holiday handmade gifts a reality. 

    Bring the kids and peruse our extensive Arts and Crafts section, or grab a Magic Maker to help navigate exactly what kind of holiday project is perfect for a child's gift giving. I've compiled a list of my favorites, some suggestions for crafts that help create your own family's holiday magic.

    Treemendous Ornament Decorator- My tree is full of handmade ornaments that hang right alongside my Wedgwood ornaments, and they are more beautiful than any store bought decoration. This very cool kit allows children to make colorful, keepsake ornaments in a snap. The decorator kit comes with 3 shatterproof ornaments, ornament hooks, and eight markers...everything you need to start crafting the minute Treemendous is opened! Everyone had so much fun making ornaments that you've run out? Wonder Works also carries extra ornaments packs that include 6 ornaments and 6 hooks! Absolutely perfect as a classroom art project, kid's Christmas party craft, or together time with the whole family. 

    Craft Crush Book Necklaces KitI love this stylish, very unique craft kit! The pages of each tiny book are blank, so they are perfect for itty-bitty holiday messages to loved ones! My teens are enamored with these necklaces; they make a great, personal gift to BFFs. Teachers, librarians, and favorite babysitters will truly appreciate such a thoughtful, beautiful gift to wear year round! Each kit contains everything you need to make two necklaces!

    Hide and Seek Rock Painting- This Creativity for Kids kit encourages children to spread kindness, love, and, most importantly, joy. The true meaning of this season shines bright when kids paint their very own Christmas scenes on one side of the rock, and well wishes for the holidays on the other side. Set includes smooth river rocks and brightly colored paints, a touching alternative to the traditional Christmas/Hanukkah cards sent by the grown-ups!

    Bubble Loops Jewelry Kit- Gorgeous jewelry kit introduces kids ages 8 and up to the ancient of chainmalle, while making lovely, real jewelry to give as gifts! Any mother/grandmother/godmother would be tickled to have a soft, metal looping bracelet or necklace...handmade by the special children in their lives! Now that's a great gift! This kit includes everything your tween needs to make 5 bracelets and 5 necklaces, enough to give to everyone on their list!

    Happy holidays from the Wonder Works family! Have a blessed holiday season, and thanks for shopping local!

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  3. The Ultimate Wishlist Giveaway

    The Ultimate Wishlist Giveaway

    Fill Santa’s bag with our FREE Ultimate Wishlist Giveaway! Valued at over $500, you’ll score some of the hottest toys of this season, including Fingerlings, Laser X, Slackers Slackline, Party 2 Go, Peppy Pups, Geomatrix, Faux Bow Pro, Perfect Petzzz, and more! 

    Enter for your chance to win, now through December 19th!

     Entering is easy!

     Step 1: Parents Download iOKids App – FREE

    Open iPhone camera to image QR Code For Direct Link or click download at www.iokids.net.


    Step 2: Create Your Free iOKids Account

    You can create your kid’s accounts after you create your account.


    Step 3: Click ‘+ Community’ & Click ‘Wonder Works‘

    Add The Wonder Works App from their iOKids community. Kid’s can create their own Wish Lists to send to Santa and Family.


    Step 4: Click ‘Add Friend’ on Wonder Works page

    This allows you to see the promotion.


    Step 5: Click ‘Toy Giveaway’ under Promotions

    Opens window waiting to hear the Magic Giveaway Code.


    Step 6: Scan QR Code in Wonder Works Store

    This will enter you for a chance to win. Enter once per day in the store!


    Rules and Restrictions Apply: No Purchase Necessary. This Giveaway requires an iOKids account to participate. Users can enter once per day in Wonder Works participating stores. Kids and Teens can enter only with parent consent. Winner claiming prize must be over the age of 18. Giveaway runs specific dates and winner is randomly chosen at the end of the promotion period. Winner will be notified by the email associated with iOKids account. Winner agrees to public announcement of winnings. If prize is NOT claimed within 24 hours after notice of winnings, a new winner may be announced in your place. Non-transferable. No exchange for cash.

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  4. In Search of the Perfect Present

    In Search of the Perfect Present

    Holiday gift giving can get pretty tricky when there are only 17 shopping days left until Santa's sleigh swoops into Charleston. Luckily, adult friends and relatives are pretty easy, but buying gifts for the young ones can be frustrating when our time for shopping is limited. Shopping for kids can also be a guessing game - I know there have been a few Christmases in my own house when, just a couple of days before the big day, a kid has suddenly changed their mind about what they REALLY want from Santa. That's when we as parents hide under our beds with the laptop, frantically searching with fingers crossed.

    In this crazy, social media driven world of ours it's easy to forget that the latest trendy toy will probably be easily replaced by next year, a toy even more awesome than the one at the top of the list for this year. What if there was one perfect gift for all the kids on your list? A gift that is guaranteed to help in their emotional and social development? A gift so wonderful, so amazing, that kids carry it into their adulthood to share with their own children? A gift great for bonding with children, even helping to relieve anxiety by forcing grown-ups and youngsters alike to slow down and enjoy the moment for once??

    Okay, okay...I've teased you, the gentle reader, long enough. In this humble mother's opinion, a child's greatest gift is a book. Especially a book celebrating the excitement of an upcoming holiday, books should be on every parent's, grandparent's, or caregiver's list. Snuggling with a toddler, allowing them to turn the pages of a sturdy, colorful, touch and feel book is one of the best experiences in the world. Listening to the sound of a loved one's voice while reading is proven to reduce stress, even in the youngest of children. My favorite holiday touch and feel board book is If I Were a Reindeer. Each brightly illustrated page has something touchable, helping with sensory development while providing giggles and excitement.

    Have a visiting child coming to your house for the holidays? A fantastic gift is The 12 Days of Christmas in South Carolina. Not only is this book full of the jolly holiday sites and mezmerizing history of this great state of ours (dophins, pirates, rainbow painted houses, etc.), it's also a thoughtful reminder of visiting or living in our area. Sure to be a family favorite, to be passed down to future children and grandchildren.

    Does someone on your list have a Scout Elf living in their house? If so, Elf Pets Saint Bernard Book and Plush by that clever company, The Elf on the Shelf, is just what Santa ordered. Although Scout Elves are required to head back to the North Pole when Christmas ends, his pet St. Bernard stays throughout the year to keep children in the spirit all year long.

    Books are truly magical for the young and old, encouraging our imaginations and teaching us to see the world around us through other's eyes. They keep us entertained, and nothing beats a book for relaxing and bonding with our little ones. Pair a favorite book with a plush stuffed animal, or a coordinating toy to enchance the experience and the love of reading that develops when books are given at an early age.

    Books, and the magic they create for families, are really and truly the perfect present. Your search is over.

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  5. The Magic of Maximillian

    The Magic of Maximillian

    On the morning of last Saturday, the day after Black Friday, I awoke to the sound of our built-in attic ladder being pulled down into the hallway. The creaking of the ladder reminded me just how completely exhausted I was; it had been a very busy week for those of us who work retail. All I wanted to do was rest. Alas, it's an annual tradition in our family to decorate the house for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving, and I just couldn't face the unpacking of a dozen red and green rubbermaid tubs. Like any good parent, when I heard footsteps outside of my bedroom door, I pretended to be asleep. I heard the door quietly open, and then close. Silly me thought I was off the hook for a couple of hours. That's when I heard my youngest whisper: "I found Max's box!! Should we open it?"

    Maxmillian Pegasus is our Scout Elf; we call him Max for short. If my kids opened that box, I knew that holiday havoc would be wreaked. I sprang out of bed, yelling, "don't touch anything until I've had my coffee! Go to your rooms until I say I'm ready to decorate!!" Doors slammed, and my heart sunk, I realized I'd just streaked to the top of Santa's naughty list. It was time to apologize to my gang, it certainly wasn't their fault Mom isn't a morning person.

    As I approached the closed bedroom doors of my disappointed children, I heard the most magical sound in the world. The kids were all tucked up in my son's room, giggling. Giggling? I quietly put my ear to the door and listened. "Where do you think Max will show up this year?" and, "remember the year Max brought us all giant candy canes?" My oldest daughter, now seventeen, exclaimed: "the year of the snowball fight in our living room was my favorite! Max was on point that year!" No one was sad, they were actually reminscing about our elf's past adventures!

    Suddenly, my heart grew at least three times it's size and the magic of Christmas filled me with excitement and love for this cool little family of mine. Holiday memories are more priceless than a vase from the Ming Dynasty to this sentimental Mom. Thank you my little loves, for reminding me that it's not the gifts under the tree or the mad dash to stores before closing that's important this time of year. It's the warm fuzzies we as parents, grandparents, and caregivers give to our families over time. No matter how tired we are.

    Happy Holidays y'all!

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  6. Stuff Your Stockings with Nowstalgic!

    Stuff Your Stockings with Nowstalgic!

    It’s that time of year again! The season is upon us. It’s time to take on the daunting task that is holiday shopping. Buying gifts can be stressful at times. The kids have probably already handed you their nice long wish lists, but what about the stockings!? Santa may need a little help figuring out what to stuff in those stockings this year. Have no fear, Wonder Works is your one stop shop for stocking stuffers!

    Wonder Works has the best selection of exciting knick knacks and gadgets from Nowstalgic. These toys may be small, but they pack a big punch! Bright Bugz are perfect for a budding magician or anyone who wants to fool their friends! Kids can practice different slight of hand tricks with the two light up “bugs” that slide right onto their fingers. Make the Bright Bugz look like they’re jumping from hand to hand, or flying in one ear and out the other! Kids can also download the interactive app for even more fun tricks!

    In the same category are Squirmles. These furry little critters are cute and so fun to play with all day! The trick to these is that they’re attached to a very thin, almost invisible clear string. This gives the illusion that the Squirmle is moving on its own! Kids have a blast maneuvering the Squirmles around different obstacles, between their fingers, and coming up with new tricks of their own.

    For the crafty kid, finding Nowstalgic’s Super Elastic Bubble Plastic in their stocking would be a dream come true. Kids can make their own giant plastic bubbles that they can hold, toss, catch, juggle, and throw! It’s so quick and easy, the kids will be playing with their colorful bubble creations in no time.

    Find all of these exciting Nowstalgic toys and more at any of our four stores, or click below to shop online!

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