5 Ridiculously Fun Father's Day Gifts

"Hey Dad, can I call you later?"

"No, you can call me Dad."

Roll your eyes all you want... you know you love him.

Father's Day is coming up, and in typical Dad fashion, he says he doesn't want anything special. But he IS special, and you want to make at least half the fuss over him that you made for Mom a month ago.

But you've already gotten him golf balls, novelty mugs, and fishing poles. And how often doesn he really wear a tie? So it's time to get creative.

Show Dad how happy you are to humor his punny wisecracking - I mean, how grateful you are for his fatherly wisdom - with these ridiculously fun gifts for Father's Day, his birthday, and every day in between.

We know shopping for dads can be tough. What do you get the guy who has everything?

Well, we think we've got him figured out. Click below to shop our 5 favorite gift ideas, or stop into your local

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