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  1. 5 Gift Ideas to Celebrate Women's History Month

    5 Gift Ideas to Celebrate Women's History Month

    In the 1980's, a Presidential Proclamation was issued declaring March to be National Women's History Month. Finally, history making women would be brought to the forefront and nationally recognized for their achievements in making our world a better place to live. The importance of educating our children about these amazing females cannot be stressed enough...they are our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters. So it's time to celebrate those brave wonderful women who came before us, to teach our growing girls to never stop dreaming, and to know that they can make a difference in any field they choose to study. 
    Every single day of National Women's History Month is an opportunity for teachable moments. We can encourage our daughters and grand-daughters, from toddlers to teens, by our own example. There are board games, books, and other items we can give to encourage and educate the future generation of females Here are a few gift ideas to help prove that girls do indeed rock.
    Books-We all know books are magical, and books that are fun to read as well as educational is a parent's dream come true. My recent favorite is Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Vol. 1 & 2. Beautifully illustrated, each volume highlights the lives of 100 extraordinary women in a fairy tale format. Perfect for bedtime, Goodnight Stories will send our daughters into their own sweet dreams. For younger girls, Amelia Who Could Fly is a visually stunning storybook about the life and adventures of a young Amelia Earhart. This book proves that dreams can come true, and to believe in yourself!
    Board Games-Growing up, girls are often told to play "nice" while boys are allowed to be boys. Teaching our girls strategy, tactile maneuvers, cooperation, and critical thinking are crucial in the real world, and board games are a great way to teach those skills. Games like Pandemic, Evolution, and Outfoxed depend on team mates working together, solving puzzles and maybe even finding the cure for an out of control virus! Let your voice be heard, and take your team to victory.
    STEM Toys-In 2017, women made up only 15-25% of the STEM workforce worldwide. Some research suggests that gender role stereotyping is to blame, and we can help those numbers by sparking interest in our girls with STEM toys and activities. Build a Green Rocket with recycled objects, collect and study backyard bugs with a Bug Vacuum, or learn how circuits work with a Snap Circuits 3D set! Girls of all ages can be future forces in the ever growing STEM field, all they need is encouragement and the right tools.
    Role Play Costumes-Dressing up is always a favorite around here, and I would never discourage it. When little girls play dress-up, they are actually role playing, emulating those grown-ups they see around them. Usually an adult's go to costume is a princess or a fairy, those were certainly favorites of my daughters when they were young. How about Introducing a fireman's costume into that dress up trunk? Or a policeman? Male dominated fields are soon becoming a thing of the past, with women finally finding the courage to go after their dream jobs like never before. Jobs our Grandmothers didn't know women could do, because they were told they couldn't.
    Express Yourself-In the past decade, more accomplishments from women have been uncovered and brought to light like never before. Our history is one to be proud of, so yell it from the rooftops if you are feeling so inclined. If not, fearless girls can still express who they are with something so simple as a trendy fierce clutch that announces her arrival in a room, or a pair of socks that matches her inner thoughts without ever having to say a word!
    When females support each other, with love and self awareness, along with education and information about the women who came before us...that is the key to changing Women's History Month into a year round celebration for us all. We owe it to our daughters.
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  2. Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on its Way!

    Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on its Way!

    The sun is shining and the azaleas are blooming here in Charleston! Sweet spring breezes carry the southern scents of pluff mud, freshly mowed lawns, roasting oysters, and dozens of boiling eggs on my kitchen stove.

    Easter is only a month away, so let's get cracking on those baskets! Cracking? Get it? I really do tickle myself, but let's not get off track. Mr. E. Bunny, along with his little helper bunnies, have been planning all year for the big day and now it's almost here. Good thing you've got enough helpers in your burrow, creating the perfect Easter basket for everyone in your family. Pardon me? You don't have any? Life with kids is hectic, and you haven't had time to shop for even one yummy jellybean yet? Well I've got news that will make your whiskers twitch with joy. You have Wonder Works, and every spring, our Magic Makers turn into your personal helper bunnies. This copper-headed Mama bunny, one of the Big Bunny's closest buddies, has some tips and tricks to share when it comes to filling baskets for everyone in the warren.

    1. The most important trick is making your own Easter basket grass. Plastic grass is a choking hazard for our four legged friends, as well as an environmental hazard for Mother Earth. Spring is a time of renewal and enjoying the beauty of nature, so why not use a natural product to create the same faux grass seen on store shelves? Construction paper, tissue paper, dried natural grass, and even cut pieces of hemp twine are a nifty substitute for store bought Easter grass. Create each child's own unique basket by dyeing the twine or natural grass to reflect a favorite color.

    2. Finding baskets for multiple family members every year is one my favorite shopping trips. With 5 kids, I scour the stores for just the right baskets...matching baskets to personalities isn't as hard or time consuming as you might think. I try to stick to a theme every year, and even though my kids all have completely different personalities, likes, and dislikes, it usually works out so that everyone is happy come Easter Sunday. One year, I bought them each a sand bucket in their favorite color, wrote each name on them with a simple paint pen, and we had a new beach toy. Another good one is the year I found baskets shaped like the heads of their favorite animated characters - our table had everyone from Spiderman to Elsa to Dora, and everyone was tickled. Just make sure whatever basket you choose for your bunny is deep enough for that special egg hunt Easter afternoon!

    3. Let's talk about my love of dyeing Easter eggs. I have to admit the smell of white vinegar gives me shivers of excitement! When coloring real eggs, you have this perfect white canvas, just waiting for self expression and artistry! There are so many egg dyeing kits these days, it can be very hard to choose which one to bring home. I learned the hard way to stay away from kits with stickers (they always slide right off), and we never go near the kits with glitter. I'm sure dozens of parents are nodding their head right one usually wins the glitter fight so just don't buy it. Beets, blueberries, and blood oranges are great for dyeing eggs if a kit is not your thing. The year I colored our eggs by dipping them in a pan of roasted beets, they were hot pink when we peeled off the shells! My plate of pinkalicious deviled eggs were a smash hit at Easter brunch, but I have to say they were almost too pretty to eat!

    Of course, if you're in a hurry or have particularly mess-prone little ones, the Eggmazing is a phenomenal alternative to dyeing and stenciling. Just pop your egg into the center lathe, let 'er spin, and hold the included non-toxic markers against the shell to create stripes and squiggles perfectly encircling your egg. The easiest, cleanest way to get everyone involved in coloring eggs! Not that it's at all necessary, but this is an especially fetching effect if you dye your eggs first, then use the Eggmazing to create unique designs on top of your base color. No matter how you crack it, it truly is EGGmazing!

    4. A soft, snuggly plush is an Easter basket staple in almost everyone's house. Traditionally, the Easter Bunny brings a cuddly critter that's associated with spring, like a lamb, bunny, or duck. But this year, as my kids grow from babies to teens, I'm thinking of going with fantastical creatures such as unicorns or dragons with pastel bows tied to their necks. I finally realized it's not the size, shape, or animal that's in a basket on Easter morning, it's the feeling of comfort that's felt the first time a child holds their new friend. To a small child especially, that pastel plush bunny was picked just for them, a treasure to take to the Easter egg hunt, a buddy to help pry open candy filled eggs.  An Easter basket friend is something special - even surrounded by chocolate eggs and small presents, it's the first thing to be plucked out of that basket, to cuddle and hug.

    Happy Easter to you and all of your helper bunnies; happy spring y'all!!

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  3. More Ways to Shop Local and Join the Fun!

    More Ways to Shop Local and Join the Fun!

    The Wonder Works Spring Catalog is here!!

    Do you and your family love flipping through bright, colorful pages filled with fun? Check your mailbox and your local Wonder Works store for our amazing new Spring Catalog! Get inspired with brilliant ideas for the coolest gifts and games for all ages!

    Not on our mailing list? Passionate about going paperless? Well, good news! You can still enjoy that classic browsing experience with our dynamically digitized eCatalog!

    Navigation is simple - just like a real catalog! Use the arrows on the left and right of each page to flip through (you'll even hear that satisfying flippy sound as you turn each page). Click the top or bottom of each page for options to save, bookmark, or share. Get inspired to visit your local store, browse our site for more creative gift ideas, or scroll down to the bottom of this post for a shoppable selection of our favorite catalog items!

    Don't forget to read through to the back cover for a special surprise! (Hint: It's a number that starts with 2, ends with 5, and saves you money on one fabulous gift!)

    We can't wait for spring - we're more than ready to get outside and play! Not to mention, it's almost time to start decorating eggs, building baskets, and looking out for our favorite magical bunny to come hippity hopping down the lane! Candy is dandy, but for lasting fun, check out some of this year's hottest gifts with a spring theme to surprise and delight on Easter morning!


    Get ready to fill that Easter basket, stock up for spring break, or just start getting some fabulously fun ideas for birthdays and special treats! Spring has sprung, and we're ready to play!

    Click to Shop our Spring Catalog!

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  4. Always and Forever FUN!

    Always and Forever FUN!

    The Wonder Works Spring Catalog is here!!

    There's something special about flipping through a catalog - seeing all the brightly colored toys laid out side by side, imagining EVERYTHING from that one page wrapped up neatly for you to tear into, hearing the satisfying swoosh of the page turning - it just builds anticipation like nothing else can. But in today's digital world, it can be hard to keep track of physical info. That's why we've created special digital versions of the catalogs we love!

    Discover the perfect gift as you browse the latest and greatest toys and gifts for the whole family, from picky tweens to scientists, superheros, and creative masterminds!

    Navigation is simple - just like a real catalog! Use the arrows on the left and right of each page to flip through (you'll even hear that satisfying flippy sound as you turn each page). Click the top or bottom of each page for options to save, bookmark, or share. Get inspired to visit your local store, browse our site for more creative gift ideas, or scroll down to the bottom of this post for a shoppable selection of our favorite catalog items!

    Don't forget to read through to the back cover for a special surprise! (Hint: It's a number that starts with 2, ends with 0, and saves you money on one fabulous gift!)

    There's still plenty of time to find the perfect gift for your Valentine - just select FREE in-store pickup at checkout, and we'll have your gift ready and waiting at your nearest Wonder Works within 2 business days! FREE gift wrap also available - just leave a note at checkout and we'll do the rest!

    Click to Shop our Spring Catalog

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  5. Are you ready to build?

    Are you ready to build?

    UPDATE: We're living in LEGO LAND! Due to the response of our LEGO Building Challenge, we will be announcing the winners on Monday, March 5th. We want to make sure we have enough time to look at each and every entry, so keep an eye on your inbox this Monday!

    It’s been a chilly winter here in Charleston, and some people are saying we’re supposed to get more snow next week!

    If the kids are going crazy inside, we have a solution: challenge them to build the coolest, most original LEGO®️ creation they can imagine. We’re talking castles with dragons, their favorite vacation spot, an iconic Charleston building, an imaginary creature…the possibilities are endless!

    When the masterpiece is complete, enter it into our 4th Annual LEGO®️ Building Challenge! This year, we’re picking a different set of winners at our Mt. Pleasant and West Ashley stores.

    The grand prize winner in each store gets a $100 Wonder Works Gift Card! Kiddos also have the chance to win a $50 or $25 Wonder Works Gift Card if they place first or second in their age category!

    Think you have a LEGO®️ lover who might be interested? Here are our official rules:

    1. One entry per person.
    2. Entries may be dropped off at Wonder Works Mt. Pleasant or West Ashley between Thursday, 2/1 and Wednesday, 2/28. Start building your creation now!
    3. Entries must remain at Wonder Works until the end of the contest. Please pick up your entries by Monday, 3/5 or they will be donated.
    4. Creations will be judged on creativity, originality, and building skills by Wonder Works Staff and Celebrity Guest Judges!
    5. Participants should construct their Lego creation ON THEIR OWN! NO HELP FROM MOM AND DAD!
    6. Maximum size of entry is 18” wide x 18” deep x 18” high. All entries must be secured to a board prior to submission.

    Categories: Ages 3-5, Ages 6-8, Ages 9-13

    Overall Grand Prize: $100 Wonder Works Gift Card

    1st Place Each Category: $50 Wonder Works Gift Card

    2nd Place Each Category: $25 Wonder Works Gift Card

    Prizes awarded per store!

    You have until Wednesday, February 28th to submit your creation, so get those bricks stacking!


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  6. Here Comes Cupid!

    Here Comes Cupid!

    Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. The pink and red decorations make my heart soar. Don't get me started on the rows and rows heart shaped boxes, filled with delectable chocolates, that line stores' shelves! And the smell of roses in the air literally makes my toes curl with delight...I can't get enough of this lovely holiday! I'm that neighbor on your street with the enormous Valentine flag hanging off her porch, a Valentine garden flag planted squarely in the front yard, red felt heart garlands decorating the gutters, and red fairy lights strung on the trees. Like I said, I LOVE Valentine's Day! 

    As far back as I can remember, every year on February 14th the Valentine's Day Fairy, best friend of Cupid, visited our house. The thrill of waking up and heading downstairs to see what that beautiful fairy left on our kitchen table is such a great memory. Of course, when my children were born, the tradition continued. Not only are the kids excited about passing out their carefully chosen V-day cards at school, they can't wait to find their sweet treats in the morning!

    Yes, I am aware that this kind of gift giving isn't anywhere close to a Christmas or a birthday, but it is something special to look forward to. Everyone I know adores getting little gifts, and on this special holiday, love is the key so there is no reason to go overboard. A plush animal, for example, is perfect paired with candy. I'm thinking this year I will give my oldest daughter, the one who doesn't care for chocolate and is obsessed with all things funky, a bag of Jelly Belly Conversation Beans and a Raspberry Ripple Pom Pom plush. For the animal loving kid in your family, I'd suggest a Caticorn and a small box of chocolates.

    The Valentine's Day Fairy has dozens of treats up her sleeve, but if she needs ideas, Wonder Works is the place to visit. A Magic Maker is always happy to help! Stop by today and check out Romeo, the newest holiday Beanie Boo. This little guy is a sure bet for little loves! The teen and tween crowd isn't a problem for the clever fairy, Amethyst Blush or Strange Attractor Thinking Putty and a bag of Bean Boozled jelly beans certainly make a unique gift! Be creative, have fun, and let that love shine through!

    Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

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