1. First Day of Fall FUN!

    First Day of Fall FUN!

    Happy first day of Fall!! With Fall comes large sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and a little more indoor play than we have been used to! Goodbye pool days and hello after school activities!

    Wondering how you’ll entertain the kids? Have no fear!!! CREATIVITY FOR KIDS IS HERE!

    Wonder Works has an entire section of crafts for all ages. With Creativity for Kids, childhood creativity lasts a lifetime! Their mission is to provide children with experiences that stimulate and encourage their natural creativity. Creativity develops children’s problem solving and critical thinking skills that are needed to achieve lifelong success!

    What better way to start off Fall than a PIZZA PARTY WITH CREATIVITY FOR KIDS!

    But wait…. FIRST you and your kids can plant your own pizza garden inside your house! Head over to Wonder Works and grab your very own “Plant a Pizza Garden” for ages 6+!

    Now that you have your pizza kit it’s time for the fun to begin!

    1. Decorate your pizza tray!

    Plant a Pizza Garden from Faber Castell comes with stickers consisting of basil, tomato, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives and more! Start off your pizza by decorating the tray with all of the fun stickers! Don’t forget to add the seed labels and pizza crust!


    2. Plant!

    Everything you need is included in this kit- just add water! In the plastic planting trays add soil and then add the basil, oregano, sweet peppers, and tomato seeds! All of the seed packs have facts on the back to help educate your children while making their garden.

    Plant Pizza Garden

    3. Water!

    Place the pizza tray in a sunny window. With the special garden mister, water the seeds every day!

    Water Pizza Garden

    4. Grow!

    In a few days, your seeds will start to sprout! Watch the seeds grow every single day. After a few weeks, your seedlings will need more room to grow! All you’ll need to do is re-plant them to an outdoor area.

    Plant a Pizza Garden

    Okay now that the basil, oregano, sweet peppers, and tomatoes that YOU GREW have grown, it is time for that pizza party!!!

    Order pizza, microwave pizza, or for added family fun have a HOMEMADE PIZZA NIGHT! Grab some dough at the store or make your own! (We LOVE this easy and fast recipe!). Then add sauce and cheese, and get cooking with the little ones! Once the pizza is ready, don’t forget to add the toppings that you grew in your very own home!! We hope you enjoy the magic of the Pizza Garden! Tag us in your pictures as you watch your garden grow @wonderworkstoys on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

    Happy planting!

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  2. Plus-Plus HOW TO

    Plus-Plus HOW TO

    Plus-Plus is a hot new construction toy that kids can’t get enough of! Plus-Plus has ONE SHAPE with ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. Every piece is shaped as a double plus sign, hence the name “Plus-Plus.”

    All Plus-Plus come as vibrant colors in a cylindrical tube that’s easy to throw into any bag! We have heard from many parents that they love Plus-Plus as an easy on-the-go toy. Bring it on the plane, to dinner, or in the car!

    Kids are able to make 3-D builds or 2-D mosaics. Each tube comes with instructions on how to make a different 3-D build with different colors depending on the design. The more imagination… the more fun!! Plus-Plus comes in two sizes, the Basic and the BIG. Plus-Plus BIG is great for smaller hands or bigger ideas.

    Here are some Plus-Plus HOW TO descriptions you could print out for your kid(s) to offer more Plus-Plus building FUN!

    1. Create a 2-D mosaic of the alphabet and numbers!

    Plus Plus

    2. Now that you’ve conquered letters and numbers... create a 2-D mosaic of people!

    Plus Plus 2D

    3. DING DING…. LEVEL UP! Build a 3-D face!

    Plus plus 3D face

    4. That was too easy… can you build a 3-D flower?!

    Plus Plus flower

    5. Wow, you are getting really good at this! Try making a 3-D backhoe!

    PLus Plus backhoe

    6. You have reached the final level!! Warning: this one is super difficult. Create a… drumroll please… 3-D BUNNY!

    Plus Plus Bunny

    Plus Plus 3D Bunny

    For more complicated builds visit plus-plus.us/plus-plus-instructions and follow along to the videos with your kids! Plus-Plus is fun for the whole family and can be found at all of our Wonder Works stores! Come say hi!

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  3. Scoot Here, Scoot There, Scoot EVERYWHERE!

    Scoot Here, Scoot There, Scoot EVERYWHERE!

    Scoot here, scoot there, scoot EVERYWHERE… these wheels won’t let you down!

    Micro Kickboard is the U.S. distributer of a Swiss company, Micro-Mobility, selling the best scooters and kickboards in the nation.

    Well, “How do you know it’s THE BEST?” you may be thinking.

    Micro Kickboard is known for their simple design and excellent engineering. Micro has been awarded worldwide, multiple times, for its prestigious designs. These high end designs have transformed scootering all over the world!

    Scooters are an amazingly fun way to encourage outdoor play. Kickboard USA's safe, durable, and incredibly maneuverable polyurethane wheels and handlebar make riding as smooth and easy as can be. The deck is designed with raised silicone micro grip for added safety. Easily adjustable handlebars make this scooter just right for growing kids!

    The T-bar is even removable for frustration-free storage and travel! Even better, Kickboards are known for being the quietest lean-to-steer scooter.

    Micro offers scooters for ages ranging from 1 to 99+. All scooters come in different bright colors and some even have LED lights to make the ride brighter and more fun!

    The Micro Mini 2 Go Deluxe Scooter is recommended for children ages 18 months to 5 years. This scooter is designed to grow with your child! It starts off as a seat with removable storage underneath for any belongings. Your toddler can learn balance and coordination all while enjoying the outdoors. Once they are comfortable, the seat can be taken off and the handle bar height can be adjusted for your child to get scooting while standing up!

    Micro Mini 2 Go Scooter

    The Micro Mini Deluxe scooter is for children ages 2-5 years with a weight capacity up to 75 lbs and an adjustable T-bar to accommodate the little ones as they grow. Your child will love “surfing the sidewalk” and you will love all the fun and exercise it brings to the family.

    Mini Deluxe Scooter

    The Micro Maxi Deluxe scooter is for children ages 5-12 years with a max weight of 150 pounds. Kids learn to steer and improve their balance while enjoying a completely smooth ride due to the polyurethane wheels. This scooter is great for a variety of ages!

    Maxi Deluxe

    Wherever you’re going, Micro will take you! Not only does Micro make spectacular scooters, they encourage families to get outside and get exercise! We also encourage your children to always wear a helmet whenever riding their Micro scooter.

    Scoot scoot on over to Wonder Works to get the award winning Micro Kickboards now!

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  4. Hearthsong's Top 5 Toys for Summer 2018

    Hearthsong's Top 5 Toys for Summer 2018

    Ohhh to go back to the days of being a kid again. Life seemed so simple!!

    Playtime and toys are vital to kids’ development. Hearthsong is a company that we absolutely adore because of their wholesome products that encourage creative thinking and imaginative play.

    Hearthsong believes “childhood is a time when children need to experience as much creative, imaginative play as possible because kids experience so many of life's first lessons through play.”

    We at Wonder Works could not agree more. Children are undeniably magical!

    Hearthsong offers a wide range of products from outdoor activities to puzzles and educational toys. The company’s mantra is “Toys You’ll Feel Good about Giving.”

    Get ready to feel GREAT about these 5 Top Toys of Summer 2018 from Hearthsong that will encourage the MAGIC of childhood:

    A giant Inflatable Easel with paints. What is it about a toy being LARGE that makes it 10 times more fun?! Bring painting outside on a hot summer day and then rinse off your child’s artwork when they’re ready to create their next masterpiece!

    Inflatable Easel

    Hearthsong doesn’t stop at easels; they also offer INFLATABLE BOWLING. For BIG TIME fun this can be set up outside or indoors. Kids love kicking, throwing, and finding creative ways to knock the pins down! Your family can enjoy the game of bowling without having to make a trip to the alley!

    Inflatable Bowling

    LED Bumper Balls bring inflatables to the next level. Everyone has that one toy that they buy for their children but secretly really want to try out. This may be the one for you! LED Bumper Balls come with 2 in a pack so your child can play with a buddy.

    These giant balls are filled with glitter AND LED LIGHTS that are motion activated… so the faster they run and the more they bump, the brighter the lights!!

    Bumper Balls

    When we think of summer we think of sunny days! Unfortunately, sometimes it rains and parents need to scramble to figure out how to keep the munchkins occupied. Well, Hearthsong has just the toy for rainy days! GOLF POOL.

    Golf pool is an indoor game that twists together mini-golf and billiards! Just set up the velcro green mat on the floor and watch your kids as they start putting golf balls into the pockets!

    Golf Pool

    Summer = sunshine, smiles, and SWINGS. Hearthsong’s Regatta Boat Swing has plenty of space to fit two sailors who are ready to cast away on a mighty adventure! Don’t worry… of course this sailboat has colorful flags to fly in the wind during the long journey!

    Regatta Boat Swing

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  5. School's Out and Summer is Here!

    School's Out and Summer is Here!

    School’s out, the kids are bursting with energy, and Wonder Works is here for you! The kiddos have been sitting behind desks for far too long, and all anyone wants is to be outside enjoying the summer vibes and fresh air!

    Do you wonder how it used to be so easy to get out of the house, but now it can feel like a hassle with kids and all the gear needed for parenting?

    Make summer easy with fun, at home, ACTIVE games! Yes, we have B4 ADVENTURE products just for you!

    B4 Adventure products are designed to get your kids off the couch or tablet and running outside to play. They will never want to leave the backyard!

    Ninjas are being born all over with the incredible Ninja Line. The Ninja Line is easy to put up between two trees and includes different obstacles that attach with ease. Some of the obstacles include rings, ladders, knots and more! Similar to the idea of monkey bars, but WAY COOLER AND FUN.

    Not only do you build your own kid-friendly backyard gym, kids build overall strength AND their confidence. A customer’s son said, “I can’t wait to complete the Ninja Line and become a real Ninja Warrior!”

    For sports lovers, we have the answer for those who are getting bored with just kicking the ball around. If you want something new to grab their attention, say no more… we have a GINORMOUS SOCCER BALL. Upgrade your soccer ball now, and the fun will never end! Younger kids love pushing the ball and chasing it, while older kids enjoy passing and playing soccer games with a ball made for giants.

    Playing with a giant soccer ball all day can get very tiring in the Charleston sun, but no need to go back inside! The Aqua Sprayer is the perfect cool down water sprayer that can shoot up to 40 feet! Your children can turn into a water ninja by running around, hiding behind trees, and jumping out to spray their friends. The Aqua Sprayer is also a great companion for the pool and the beach!

    Your perfect summer day is now coming to end with the sun setting and the calm breeze cooling you off. The family is all home and the kids inevitably get a second burst of after-dinner energy. Finish your day with a family swing session in your backyard with B4 Adventure’s Dream Catcher Swing. This swing brings color to your yard and is great for all ages.

    All of these products are found online AND in our four stores. Stop in now to say hello and start your summer adventure!

    Is your child monkeying around all day? Why not monkey around on the NINJA LINE?

    Ninja Line

    Soccer is fun… but soccer can be 10x cooler with this GIANT SOCCER BALL.

    Giant Soccer Ball

    Summer is hot… especially here in Charleston. Cool down with the AQUA SPRAYER.

    Aqua Sprayer

    Grab a friend and enjoy a summer evening swinging on the DREAM CATCHER SWING.

    Dream Catcher Swing

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  6. Splish Splash Summer!

    Splish Splash Summer!

    Hot temperatures and muggy humidity are the norm for Charleston in the summer, and even us locals sometimes find it hard to get relief. Taking a dip in the cool, blue water of a swimming pool is a surefire way to beat the heat! And this summer, there are some fabulous new pool toys for all ages, from toddlers to adults, to make pool time even more fun!

    We all want our kids to get out and play, but when it's hot outside, finding an outdoor activity can be a real challenge.

    Not only is swimming and splashing in the water fun, it's also great exercise for all ages! Creating and playing games in the pool is an easy way to incorporate fitness while building underwater skills. Kids love racing each other, or going on a treasure hunt for weighted toys that sink to the bottom!

    Brightly colored dive toys are perfect for this type of pool game. They also serve double duty in swim lessons for those just learning to get their feet wet!

    Frozen Dive Characters

    Add Bling 2.0's cute and clever anti-fog swim goggles, decorated with everything from faux candy to squishy tentacles, and underwater vision won't be a problem!

    Have teens or adults in your group that want to get in on the fun of a water game? Try a Waboba Sol or Cracket set (plastic bat and Big Kahuna ball) for an exciting game of catch!


    In the mood to just sit back and have a relaxing float in the pool? Big Mouth floats have the perfect inflatables for all ages. Toddlers can have fun with the big kids while staying safe and cool in a Lil Tinysaurus or Lil Rainbow pool float.

    The design of these floats allows little legs to kick freely in the water, while the dual chambers ensure stability! Teens and adults can make a splash poolside with super trendy, giant Avocado, Unicorn, or Jellyfish float! Sure to turn heads and get the pool party started!

    Donut Pool Float

    Stop by one of our four Wonder Works locations to see these and other great summer products!

    See you in the pool!

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