1. Hearthsong's Top 5 Toys for Summer 2018

    Hearthsong's Top 5 Toys for Summer 2018

    Ohhh to go back to the days of being a kid again. Life seemed so simple!!

    Playtime and toys are vital to kids’ development. Hearthsong is a company that we absolutely adore because of their wholesome products that encourage creative thinking and imaginative play.

    Hearthsong believes “childhood is a time when children need to experience as much creative, imaginative play as possible because kids experience so many of life's first lessons through play.”

    We at Wonder Works could not agree more. Children are undeniably magical!

    Hearthsong offers a wide range of products from outdoor activities to puzzles and educational toys. The company’s mantra is “Toys You’ll Feel Good about Giving.”

    Get ready to feel GREAT about these 5 Top Toys of Summer 2018 from Hearthsong that will encourage the MAGIC of childhood:

    A giant Inflatable Easel with paints. What is it about a toy being LARGE that makes it 10 times more fun?! Bring painting outside on a hot summer day and then rinse off your child’s artwork when they’re ready to create their next masterpiece!

    Inflatable Easel

    Hearthsong doesn’t stop at easels; they also offer INFLATABLE BOWLING. For BIG TIME fun this can be set up outside or indoors. Kids love kicking, throwing, and finding creative ways to knock the pins down! Your family can enjoy the game of bowling without having to make a trip to the alley!

    Inflatable Bowling

    LED Bumper Balls bring inflatables to the next level. Everyone has that one toy that they buy for their children but secretly really want to try out. This may be the one for you! LED Bumper Balls come with 2 in a pack so your child can play with a buddy.

    These giant balls are filled with glitter AND LED LIGHTS that are motion activated… so the faster they run and the more they bump, the brighter the lights!!

    Bumper Balls

    When we think of summer we think of sunny days! Unfortunately, sometimes it rains and parents need to scramble to figure out how to keep the munchkins occupied. Well, Hearthsong has just the toy for rainy days! GOLF POOL.

    Golf pool is an indoor game that twists together mini-golf and billiards! Just set up the velcro green mat on the floor and watch your kids as they start putting golf balls into the pockets!

    Golf Pool

    Summer = sunshine, smiles, and SWINGS. Hearthsong’s Regatta Boat Swing has plenty of space to fit two sailors who are ready to cast away on a mighty adventure! Don’t worry… of course this sailboat has colorful flags to fly in the wind during the long journey!

    Regatta Boat Swing

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  2. The MUST HAVE Beach Toy of 2018

    The MUST HAVE Beach Toy of 2018

    With summertime in full swing and the Fourth of July right around the corner, it's the perfect time to find beach toys to entertain your kids!

    This year, be sure to pack the newest fad in beach fun from Toyosity… THE SURFER DUDE. The world’s very first self-riding beach toy!

    Sit back, relax, and know your child is safely playing with the super cool Surfer Dude! WE LOVE this beach toy because it is ideal for shallow water play and entertains for hours! KIDS LOVE to see their surfing buddy catch every wave. Each features a cool dude or dudette with crazy hair riding a brightly colored surfboard.

    There are six to collect: they all have different names, styles, and hometowns! “Aussie” Alice is from Hawaii while “Hossegor” Hank is from France!

    They can surf EVERY wave without getting lost in the ocean or losing their board… and yes, they come back to shore EVERY time.

    Think of it like a boomerang for the water!

    First, go to your nearest Wonder Works store or order online, and have your child pick out just the right Surfer Dude! Then head to the beach.

    Surfer Dude

    When you reach the shore, your child throws the Surfer Dude into the ocean and watches him catch the waves and cruise back into shore! Kids will get exercise without even knowing it while running back and forth with their Dudes. The fun lasts for hours and even big kids join in on the fun!

    Kids with Surfer Dudes

    “Just Surf” is Surfer Dude’s mantra. This is intended to be a reminder that life is a series of ups and downs, and that it is often best to ride with the waves. Surfing is BOLD. Stepping onto a surfboard and into the endless deep ocean takes courage and strength.

    Surfer Dude

    Give your child a Surfer Dude today and set the tone for enjoying a beach trip with happy kids and bold adventures!

    Smiling with Surfer Dude

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  3. Summer Magic: Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler

    Summer Magic: Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler

    Summer is right around the corner...it's so close I can taste the iced tea and smell the suncreen on my kid's cheeks when we cuddle.

    There are so many reasons to love summer - no school, long days, sand in our toes, and especially the hours of outdoor play in our sun-splashed backyard.

    Want to make the summer of 2018 even more magical for your family and friends? It's simple with the brand spanking new inflatable Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler from Big Mouth! 

    At almost 7 feet tall, this mythical beast dwarfs all other backyard sprinklers! Just imagine stepping out your back door and seeing this giant sprinkler, spraying water out of its enormous horn, to the delight of every overheated member of the family!

    Toddlers, with their natural sense of wonder and imagination, adore playing hide and seek around the unicorn's lovely legs. Older kids can lay on the grass, cool off in the falling water, and daydream the day away. Teens and tweens will make this giant unicorn the life of the birthday party, and the star of Snapchat!

    Truly a dream come true for all ages!

    The super easy set-up and durable vinyl, two features Big Mouth is known for, are a great bonus for the adults who are in charge of summer fun. Inflate and fill with a garden hose for a fantasy afternoon of fun at family picnics, birthday parties, campgrounds, and grassy backyards!

    Summer magic is guaranteed with the biggest and bestest sprinkler on the block! There's no shortage of ways to play - or of neighborhood kids who can't wait to get in on the fun!

    The Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler is has gone viral this summer. You'll see it pop up on every social media feed and YouTube videos your kids are glued to. It's sold out of local stores all over the nation. Magically, we've managed to wrangle a small but steady stream of these rare beasties to keep us stocked throughout the summer.

    Click here to to shop online today!

    If we happen to be out, never fear, we'll restock soon! Sign up for our email newsletter or follow us on social media to hear the moment they return!

    Start planning your own Instagram-worthy spinkler photo shoots with inspiration from these real-life summertime folickers:

    Unicorn Sprinkler Tag

    Water Tag!

    Unicorn Sprinkler Birthday Party

    Guest of Honor at your Unicorn Birthday Party!

    Unicorn Sprinkler Pool

    Extra fun at the pool! (Maybe you'll even make a rainbow!)

    Unicorn Sprinkler Trampoline

    A cooling rain shower as you bounce!

    Unicorn Sprinkler

    Water your lawn with MAGIC raindrops!

    Unicorn Sprinkler Toddler

    Make a new best friend!

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  4. 11 Screen-Free Toys to Spark Creative Play

    11 Screen-Free Toys to Spark Creative Play

    Bicycles zooming, barely muted giggles from the perfect hide-and-seek spot, a furrowed brow on a kid lost in thought...these are the little moments that make childhood magical.

    Being a kid is all about getting creative - making, learning, doing, growing. Little minds are absolutely brilliant, soaking up all the new information and experiences they encounter every day. It's the coolest thing to watch their gears turn and see how they pull all this stuff together, creating a totally unique way of looking at the world.

    Ironically, in this amazing age of information, kids are getting less creative. This isn't just grousing about kids these days, there's actual data to back this up.

    So how do we combat this?

    A great way to start is by taking the Screen-Free Pledge. Commit to just one week of screen-free entertainment, and flex those creative brains! Go outside, play a game, or build something new.

    Let's get started with 11 of our favorite screen-free toys to spark creativity in kids of all ages:

    Swurfer Kick

    1. Swurfer Kick


    Kickboard USA

    2. Kickboard Scooters

    Happy Hedgehog

    3. Happy Hedgehog


    Spin Again

    4. Spin Again


    Fire Chief Costume

    5. Role Play Toys


    Surfer Dudes

    6. Surfer Dudes


    Auto Moto

    7. Auto Moto Transforming R/C Car


    USA Map Floor Puzzle

    8. Puzzles


    Boom Bash

    9. Boom Bash



    10. Plus-Plus



    11. NinjaLine

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  5. 7 Magical Gifts for Merry Mermaids

    7 Magical Gifts for Merry Mermaids

    I truly believe that Charleston is the best place in the world to live; just ask any travel magazine or any of the new residents migrating here in droves. Seriously, there is a reason why people from all over the world choose to either vacation or settle down here, and I believe I know the main reason. This lovely city of ours has mermaids. Yep, real live mermaids!


    The Weeki Wachee Mermaids grace us with their shimmery presence once a year, for a few short days, at the SC Aquarium downtown. I take my kids every year, and they love watching those beauties swim gracefully through the Great Tank. The magic of believing in mermaids fills our heads as we plan our aquarium excursion this weekend.


    We know the myths and the legends, but what if they really do exist? Imagine the possibilities, and the undersea life mermaids and mermen lead...if only for a few hours, on an ordinary family visit, right here in our hometown. Wonder Works Magic Makers believe in magic, so we will see you there.


    Did I mention that SC Aquarium members receive 10% off in all four of our stores? Just show your membership card at the register when shopping our magical mermaid selection - so much to choose from for every mermaid-loving believer in your family!


    Encourage the magic of mermaids long after the Weeki Wachee mermaids have gone back to their grottoes with these fabulous finds:


    Blankie Tails Mermaid Blankets


    Blankie Tails Mermaid Blankets - Adults and kids alike can snuggle up in these super soft mermaid blankets that give the illusion that legs are now fins. Crawl inside and experience the coziness of these "blankies" that never lose their softness, no matter how many times they get tossed in the washing machine!


    Rainbow Mermaid Tail


    Speaking of imaginative play, why not fulfill those mermaid dreams with a quick-dry lycra mermaid tail? Gliding just under the water's surface at the neighborhood pool, flapping a realistic, multi-colored Fin Fun Mermaid Tail? It's an aquatic fantasy come true, and yes, these fabulous fins are available in adult sizes as well as kids' sizes!


    Little Mermaid Dive Wands
    Little Mermaid Dive Characters


    Younger mermaids in the family can practice diving, with or without their tails, by swimming to the bottom in search of The Little Mermaid Dive Wands and Dive Characters. These weighted, water-proof toys are brand new this summer, and feature everyone's fave mermaid, Ariel!


    Mermaid Hair Kit


    Whether wearing your new tail, or headed to a party, this Mermaid Hair Kit is certain to turn heads! Inspired by our oceanic sisters, this kit includes green/blue temporary hair color mists (perfect underwater camouflage), mermaid scale stencils and makeup, and stick-on gems for a flawless mermaid effect!


    Sequin Mermaid Lunch Tote


    Want to freshen up while swimming or hanging out with fishy friends? The Sequin Mermaid Lunch Tote is a perfect carrying case for all of your mermaid accessories (and snacks)! With a simple swipe of a hand (or fin, your choice), the mesmerizing greenish-turquoise sequins change to black! A great looking bag for a mermaid on the go!


    Sequin Mermaid Tail Pillow
    Mermaid Pillow


    Mermaid Pillows - There are two styles available, both favorites of the merteen and mermom crowds! The absolutely stunning Sequin Mermaid Tail Pillow is lovely to look at, delighting all senses when "magic" sequins are gently rubbed causing a shimmering, color-changing effect! The Mermaid Pillow features a classic mermaid beauty mid-swim, with delicate beaded accents on her tail! This pillow looks fabulous on a summer porch swing, or as an accent pillow on a bed or favorite chair.


    Really Mermaid PopSocket


    Really Mermaid PopSocket - I'd like to think that merfolk have evolved and adapted just like us humans. I just can't envision mermaids hanging out on rocks to get the attention of passing ships, not in this day and age. Rumor has it they use cell phones to communicate with each other, as well as land dwelling mammals and the random sailor every now and then. PopSockets help keep phones steady and easier to grip while taking pictures, answering a call, or watching a video...especially handy for those with a little webbing between the fingers!

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  6. 5 Gifts to Celebrate Women's History

    5 Gifts to Celebrate Women's History

    In the 1980s, a Presidential Proclamation was issued declaring March to be National Women's History Month. Finally, history-making women would be brought to the forefront and nationally recognized for their achievements in making our world a better place.

    The importance of educating our children about these amazing females cannot be stressed enough...they are our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters.

    So it's time to celebrate those brave wonderful women who came before us, to teach our growing girls to never stop dreaming, and to know that they can make a difference in any field they choose to study.

    Every single day of National Women's History Month is an opportunity for teachable moments. We can encourage our daughters and grand-daughters, from toddlers to teens, by our own example. There are board games, books, and other items we can give to encourage and educate the future generation of female thinkers, movers, and makers. Here are a few gift ideas to help prove that girls do indeed rock.

    Books Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Vol. 1 & 2. Beautifully illustrated, each volume highlights the lives of 100 extraordinary women in a fairy tale format. For younger girls, Amelia Who Could Fly is a visually stunning storybook about the life and adventures of a young Amelia Earhart. And women of every age can appreciate Strong Is the New Pretty, a celebration of the strength and spirit of girls being 100% themselves These books prove that dreams can come true and inspire girls to believe in themselves!

    Shop Rebel Girls

    Board Games - Growing up, girls are often told to play "nice." But strategy, tactile maneuvers, cooperation, and critical thinking are crucial in the real world, and board games are a great way to teach those skills. Games like Pandemic, Evolution, and Outfoxed depend on teammates working together, solving puzzles, and maybe even finding the cure for an out of control virus! Let your voice be heard, and take your team to victory.

    Shop Pandemic

    STEM Toys - In 2017, women made up only 15-25% of the STEM workforce worldwide. Some research suggests that gender role stereotyping is to blame, and we can help those numbers by sparking interest in our girls with STEM toys and activities. Build a Green Rocket with recycled objects, collect and study backyard bugs with a Bug Vacuum, or learn how circuits work with a Snap Circuits 3D set! Girls of all ages can be future forces in the ever growing STEM field; all they need is encouragement and the right tools.

    Shop Snap Circuits

    Role Play Costumes - When little girls play dress up, they are actually role playing, emulating those grown-ups they see around them. How about introducing a fire fighter costume into that dress up trunk? Or a police officer? Male dominated fields are soon becoming a thing of the past, with women finally finding the courage to go after their dream jobs like never before. Jobs our Grandmothers didn't know women could do, because they were told they couldn't.

    Shop Doctor Costume

    Express Yourself - In the past decade, more accomplishments from women have been uncovered and brought to light like never before. Our history is one to be proud of, and fearless girls can express  that inner spunk with something so simple as a trendy FIERCE clutch that announces her arrival in a room, or a pair of socks that matches her thoughts without ever having to say a word!

    Shop Socks

    When women support each other with love and self awareness, along with education and information about the women who came before us...that is the key to changing Women's History Month into a year round celebration for us all. We owe it to our daughters.
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