Birthday Bin Bliss

Your child comes home from school, grabs a quick snack, blows a kiss, and he's off again. It's our jobs as parents to sort out priorities for the rest of the afternoon into the evening hours, and we do this by first sorting out the mess that is spilled from backpacks and messenger bags, thrown from little shoulders onto the closest piece of furniture. At least 2-3 times a month, a colorful envelope with a name scrawled across the front catches a parent's eye. Oh yes, we know what that magical message contains...a classmate's birthday invitation. We check our kitchen calendars, call the number to RSVP, and double-check the invite for a theme for the upcoming celebration. 

Sounds so easy, doesn't it? If you're lucky, the birthday invitation will give a hint as to what the perfect gift to shop for will be...but many times, it's not quite so clear. When my youngest was in 2nd grade, she was invited to a 'Vampire Princess' Party at James Island County Park. I've always prided myself on gift giving, but I was at a total loss. Vampires? Princesses? Of course when I asked my daughter what she thought the birthday girl would like, the answer she gave me was "Ruby really likes ballet and zebras." Wow, now what?

If this scenario sounds familiar, Wonder Works has the solution. How does a physical gift registery, neatly stacked in your local toy store, with the birthday boy/girl's name and party date written clearly on the front of a toy-filled container sound? Pure I right? Yes I am, because I feel the same way.

No questions, no guess-work - the perfect solution to those invitations your child receives from pre-k all the way through middle school. Here's how it works: Come into our West Ashley, Mount Pleasant, or Kiawah stores 3 weeks before the birthday party, ask a Magic Maker for a Birthday Bin, and kids can take their time filling their bins with all the toys that make birthday dreams come true. Once the bin is full, Wonder Works takes care of the rest. 30 paper invitations heading to school tomorrow? Just ask a Magic Maker, and we will give you "I have a birthday bin at Wonder Works stickers" for each and every one.

Like I said, absolutely no guess work on what to buy for your child's classmate or new best friend. Friends and family who visit our stores to shop directly from a child's birthday bin receive 10% off, and parents are given a coupon for 15% their entire birthday purchase! If that wasn't enough cause for celebration, Wonder Works also gives the birthday boy/girl a free cupcake token from Cupcake (Belle Hall or King St. locations) and a super-duper coupon for $20.00 to spend on anything in the store!! And of course, as always, gift wrap is always complimentary! 

Shop your local Wonder Works, and leave your birthday worries behind! Come see us today!