First Day of Fall FUN!

Happy first day of Fall!! With Fall comes large sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and a little more indoor play than we have been used to! Goodbye pool days and hello after school activities!

Wondering how you’ll entertain the kids? Have no fear!!! CREATIVITY FOR KIDS IS HERE!

Wonder Works has an entire section of crafts for all ages. With Creativity for Kids, childhood creativity lasts a lifetime! Their mission is to provide children with experiences that stimulate and encourage their natural creativity. Creativity develops children’s problem solving and critical thinking skills that are needed to achieve lifelong success!

What better way to start off Fall than a PIZZA PARTY WITH CREATIVITY FOR KIDS!

But wait…. FIRST you and your kids can plant your own pizza garden inside your house! Head over to Wonder Works and grab your very own “Plant a Pizza Garden” for ages 6+!

Now that you have your pizza kit it’s time for the fun to begin!

1. Decorate your pizza tray!

Plant a Pizza Garden from Faber Castell comes with stickers consisting of basil, tomato, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives and more! Start off your pizza by decorating the tray with all of the fun stickers! Don’t forget to add the seed labels and pizza crust!


2. Plant!

Everything you need is included in this kit- just add water! In the plastic planting trays add soil and then add the basil, oregano, sweet peppers, and tomato seeds! All of the seed packs have facts on the back to help educate your children while making their garden.

Plant Pizza Garden

3. Water!

Place the pizza tray in a sunny window. With the special garden mister, water the seeds every day!

Water Pizza Garden

4. Grow!

In a few days, your seeds will start to sprout! Watch the seeds grow every single day. After a few weeks, your seedlings will need more room to grow! All you’ll need to do is re-plant them to an outdoor area.

Plant a Pizza Garden

Okay now that the basil, oregano, sweet peppers, and tomatoes that YOU GREW have grown, it is time for that pizza party!!!

Order pizza, microwave pizza, or for added family fun have a HOMEMADE PIZZA NIGHT! Grab some dough at the store or make your own! (We LOVE this easy and fast recipe!). Then add sauce and cheese, and get cooking with the little ones! Once the pizza is ready, don’t forget to add the toppings that you grew in your very own home!! We hope you enjoy the magic of the Pizza Garden! Tag us in your pictures as you watch your garden grow @wonderworkstoys on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Happy planting!