7 Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts

Moms. They're just the best, right?

They love us unconditionally. They gave us life. They taught us how to be the very best versions of ourselves. And believe it or not, moms are also individuals. Hilarious, creative, personality-filled individuals. And they are absolutely flawless, of course.

So how to find the perfect gift for your favorite lady in the whole wide world? The gift that says, Mom, you're amazing and I love you. I love you for who YOU are - quirks, passions, and individuality included.

This year, show Mama how much you love her by showering her with affection, appreciation, and just a little something extra to show you care about HER.

Get inspired with these 7 meaningful Mother's Day gifts that show you've really been paying attention to the little things. There's sure to be something for every mama, grandma, or godmother on your list!


Not Bossy Socks

Sassy moms: Blue Q Socks


DaBomb Mom Bath Bomb
Feeling Smitten Fortune Bath Bombs
Moms who crave relaxation: Bath Bombs


Stemless Unicorn Corkcicle

Moms who love to chill: Corkcicle


Pinch Me Dough Spa

The constantly moving mom: Pinch Me Dough


PopSockets Gold

The always connected mom: PopSockets


Axolotl Cable Bite
Seal Cable Bite

Techy moms with a silly side: Cable Bites


Pluff Mud Coasters

The local: Pluff Mud Mercantile