Plus-Plus HOW TO

Plus-Plus is a hot new construction toy that kids can’t get enough of! Plus-Plus has ONE SHAPE with ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. Every piece is shaped as a double plus sign, hence the name “Plus-Plus.”

All Plus-Plus come as vibrant colors in a cylindrical tube that’s easy to throw into any bag! We have heard from many parents that they love Plus-Plus as an easy on-the-go toy. Bring it on the plane, to dinner, or in the car!

Kids are able to make 3-D builds or 2-D mosaics. Each tube comes with instructions on how to make a different 3-D build with different colors depending on the design. The more imagination… the more fun!! Plus-Plus comes in two sizes, the Basic and the BIG. Plus-Plus BIG is great for smaller hands or bigger ideas.

Here are some Plus-Plus HOW TO descriptions you could print out for your kid(s) to offer more Plus-Plus building FUN!

1. Create a 2-D mosaic of the alphabet and numbers!

Plus Plus

2. Now that you’ve conquered letters and numbers... create a 2-D mosaic of people!

Plus Plus 2D

3. DING DING…. LEVEL UP! Build a 3-D face!

Plus plus 3D face

4. That was too easy… can you build a 3-D flower?!

Plus Plus flower

5. Wow, you are getting really good at this! Try making a 3-D backhoe!

PLus Plus backhoe

6. You have reached the final level!! Warning: this one is super difficult. Create a… drumroll please… 3-D BUNNY!

Plus Plus Bunny

Plus Plus 3D Bunny

For more complicated builds visit and follow along to the videos with your kids! Plus-Plus is fun for the whole family and can be found at all of our Wonder Works stores! Come say hi!