School Can Start for All Ages This Year!

School is right around the corner, and we are PREPARED with toys from Fat Brain designed to EDUCATE your kids!

As the older kids are making their way to the school bus and learning how to read and write, your little ones can be at home learning too! Stimulating your children’s senses and fine motor skills is important for young brain development. Fat Brain focuses on fun and educational toys that little hands can’t get enough of!

We love Fat Brain for their safe, colorful, smooth products that families in South Carolina have grown to love. These developmental treasures are always in high demand - our magic makers know to keep those shelves restocked all day every day!

Fat Brain’s pipSquigz, Suction Kupz, and Spoolz are the ultimate "KEEP THEIR ATTENTION TOYS.”

These 3 Fat Brain toys all have vibrant and bright colors, soft textures, and easy grips. They are durable, stimulate the senses, and encourage fine motor skills.

Suction Kupz and pipSquigz are perfect for the high chair, stroller, and bath tub, and they can travel anywhere. Spoolz inspire hours of playtime exploration. Parents and children both adore these simple yet versatile play toys!

PipSquigz are little colorful suction suckers for 6 months and up. The bumps and wavy ridges are perfect for stimulating touch, the vibrant colors stimulate vision, and the light rattle and suction “POP” stimulate hearing. And in the midst of all this sensory stimulation, these cool little suckers engage both fine and gross motor skills!


Suction Kupz come as a set of 6 silicone cups with suction on the bottom, making the same “POP” sound as the pipSquigz. My 10 month old and 2 year old nieces can’t get enough of these Kupz! The 2 year old pretends she is drinking coffee like mommy while her little sister is teething with them.

Fat Brain Suction Kupz

Spoolz are a set of 7 colorful spools that are a great stacking toy. But that’s not all they do! Watch as your kids roll them across the playroom, balance them, and push their creativity. There are endless STACKABILITIES!


Now onto a Fat Brain SPHERICAL toy!

Tobbles Neo is another great stacking toy that adds in the physics of motion and tactile curves. This toy is perfect for awakening touch and dynamic play.

Similar to other Fat Brain toys, it has an easy grip and is for awesome for sensory exploration, coordination, and fine motor skills. Tobbles Neo includes 6 vibrant and weighted spheres. Little hands can’t get enough of the stacking, wobbling, tilting, and balancing!

Tobbles Neo

But Shape Magic doesn’t stop there! We also have the OOMBEECUBE!

This cube has six tethered shapes attached to it! The strings are strong and secure so shapes are never lost. Each shape is textured for textile exploration and made of 100% food-grade silicone; PERFECT for teething! The vibrant colored shapes each slide smoothly into their respective slots. Your child can discover colors and shapes while playing with their OOMBEECUBE!

Oombee Cube

TWIRL IT, SPIN IT, and sit back as your child plays for hours!

The Mini Spinny has been a Fat Brain favorite since it came into stores. The whole Lowcountry was asking for it and our shelves have been constantly refilled!

The Mini Spinny is a go-anywhere sensory toy with three bright propellers that twirl down a corkscrew pole. Your child keeps flipping it over and over again watching the propellers spin and twirl! This toy encourages sensory exploration ad strengthens growing brains!


Fat Brain couldn’t stop there… last year they introduced the SPINAGAIN! The FIRST EVER stacking and twirling toy!

This product is a corkscrew pole with 6 dual colored discs (from largest to smallest) that spin fast and then smooth to settle on the base. Kids love watching the discs twirl down the pole and then flipping it over to see them all spin off. They continue to SPINAGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN… your toddlers will be busy for hours!

Spin Again

School can start for all ages this fall! Just head over to your nearest Wonder Works and pick up your favorite Fat Brain toy. We hope to see you soon!