11 Screen-Free Toys to Spark Creative Play

Bicycles zooming, barely muted giggles from the perfect hide-and-seek spot, a furrowed brow on a kid lost in thought...these are the little moments that make childhood magical.

Being a kid is all about getting creative - making, learning, doing, growing. Little minds are absolutely brilliant, soaking up all the new information and experiences they encounter every day. It's the coolest thing to watch their gears turn and see how they pull all this stuff together, creating a totally unique way of looking at the world.

Ironically, in this amazing age of information, kids are getting less creative. This isn't just grousing about kids these days, there's actual data to back this up.

So how do we combat this?

A great way to start is by taking the Screen-Free Pledge. Commit to just one week of screen-free entertainment, and flex those creative brains! Go outside, play a game, or build something new.

Let's get started with 11 of our favorite screen-free toys to spark creativity in kids of all ages:

Swurfer Kick

1. Swurfer Kick


Kickboard USA

2. Kickboard Scooters

Happy Hedgehog

3. Happy Hedgehog


Spin Again

4. Spin Again


Fire Chief Costume

5. Role Play Toys


Surfer Dudes

6. Surfer Dudes


Auto Moto

7. Auto Moto Transforming R/C Car


USA Map Floor Puzzle

8. Puzzles


Boom Bash

9. Boom Bash



10. Plus-Plus



11. NinjaLine