Squish Away The Stress

It is about that time to…. DE-STRESS.

Stress levels have been off the walls lately and I don’t have time to go to yoga every day or to start meditating! My stress seems to rub off on my kids, then to my husband, and I have found myself and my family caught up in a never-ending cycle. I have been looking everywhere to help relieve my stress and I have FINALLY found the answer!


“Say what?”

Orb Toys makes colorful, slimy, or beaded stress balls that can be taken anywhere or just thrown into your purse!

“I doubt a stress ball would really work.”

Ahhh…I thought you’d say that!

Stress balls are proven to relieve stress and act as physical therapy! I love them because they are simple and easy. It doesn’t involve an hour of my time or anything more added to my schedule that in the end can make me more stressed!

Hold your stress ball at red lights, while working, watching tv, or even when pushing the stroller! Your stress ball can go everywhere with you!

“Why Orb?”

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have done multiple research studies and have found that stress has increased by 10-30% in the last decade with the most amount of stress coming from children!!

So your answer is… ORB BALLS ARE FUN and our KIDS need them! The beads and shimmer make them entertaining and kids love them. Your children may not even realize the great benefits of playing with Orb Slimy and Bead Balls while they’re just enjoying the shimmer, but you sure will! Oh and don’t get me wrong… parents love them too!

Your stress ball selection is GRAND and COLORFUL! At Wonder Works we have vibrant colors of the shimmery balls AND we have larger ones filled with beadz!

If the classic shimmer ball doesn’t do it for you then enter the wonderful world of Bubbleverse! Bubbleverse is filled of BUBBLEEZ which are stress balls in the shapes of different cute animals or fruit! They have hundreds of beads inside and little charms that are unique to each character.

Bubbleverse too far for you? No worries, we also carry SQUISHIES. They’re soft and when you squeeze them they expand slowly. Squishies come as hamburgers, waffles, penguins, cupcakes and many more!! They are also BUY ONE GET ONE FREE RIGHT NOW!

We love ORB and we love making the world a more stress-free place starting with our children and home! Come by the store today to DE-STRESS, get HANDS ON, and PLAY for a little bit! See you soon!