Stuff Your Stockings with Nowstalgic!

It’s that time of year again! The season is upon us. It’s time to take on the daunting task that is holiday shopping. Buying gifts can be stressful at times. The kids have probably already handed you their nice long wish lists, but what about the stockings!? Santa may need a little help figuring out what to stuff in those stockings this year. Have no fear, Wonder Works is your one stop shop for stocking stuffers!

Wonder Works has the best selection of exciting knick knacks and gadgets from Nowstalgic. These toys may be small, but they pack a big punch! Bright Bugz are perfect for a budding magician or anyone who wants to fool their friends! Kids can practice different slight of hand tricks with the two light up “bugs” that slide right onto their fingers. Make the Bright Bugz look like they’re jumping from hand to hand, or flying in one ear and out the other! Kids can also download the interactive app for even more fun tricks!

In the same category are Squirmles. These furry little critters are cute and so fun to play with all day! The trick to these is that they’re attached to a very thin, almost invisible clear string. This gives the illusion that the Squirmle is moving on its own! Kids have a blast maneuvering the Squirmles around different obstacles, between their fingers, and coming up with new tricks of their own.

For the crafty kid, finding Nowstalgic’s Super Elastic Bubble Plastic in their stocking would be a dream come true. Kids can make their own giant plastic bubbles that they can hold, toss, catch, juggle, and throw! It’s so quick and easy, the kids will be playing with their colorful bubble creations in no time.

Find all of these exciting Nowstalgic toys and more at any of our four stores, or click below to shop online!