Summer Magic: Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler

Summer is right around the's so close I can taste the iced tea and smell the suncreen on my kid's cheeks when we cuddle.

There are so many reasons to love summer - no school, long days, sand in our toes, and especially the hours of outdoor play in our sun-splashed backyard.

Want to make the summer of 2018 even more magical for your family and friends? It's simple with the brand spanking new inflatable Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler from Big Mouth! 

At almost 7 feet tall, this mythical beast dwarfs all other backyard sprinklers! Just imagine stepping out your back door and seeing this giant sprinkler, spraying water out of its enormous horn, to the delight of every overheated member of the family!

Toddlers, with their natural sense of wonder and imagination, adore playing hide and seek around the unicorn's lovely legs. Older kids can lay on the grass, cool off in the falling water, and daydream the day away. Teens and tweens will make this giant unicorn the life of the birthday party, and the star of Snapchat!

Truly a dream come true for all ages!

The super easy set-up and durable vinyl, two features Big Mouth is known for, are a great bonus for the adults who are in charge of summer fun. Inflate and fill with a garden hose for a fantasy afternoon of fun at family picnics, birthday parties, campgrounds, and grassy backyards!

Summer magic is guaranteed with the biggest and bestest sprinkler on the block! There's no shortage of ways to play - or of neighborhood kids who can't wait to get in on the fun!

The Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler is has gone viral this summer. You'll see it pop up on every social media feed and YouTube videos your kids are glued to. It's sold out of local stores all over the nation. Magically, we've managed to wrangle a small but steady stream of these rare beasties to keep us stocked throughout the summer.

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Start planning your own Instagram-worthy spinkler photo shoots with inspiration from these real-life summertime folickers:

Unicorn Sprinkler Tag

Water Tag!

Unicorn Sprinkler Birthday Party

Guest of Honor at your Unicorn Birthday Party!

Unicorn Sprinkler Pool

Extra fun at the pool! (Maybe you'll even make a rainbow!)

Unicorn Sprinkler Trampoline

A cooling rain shower as you bounce!

Unicorn Sprinkler

Water your lawn with MAGIC raindrops!

Unicorn Sprinkler Toddler

Make a new best friend!