The Joy of a Jelly Cat
If you've never held a Jelly Cat plush critter in your arms, you have never experienced true joy. A bit dramatic, you say? Is this true, you ask? Yes and yes! I have been a fan of everything Jelly Cat for years now, and I love introducing this London based company's creations to friends, family, and, of course, our loyal Wonder Works customers. And with Easter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to talk about Bashful Bunnies, Pom Poms, and some of my other favorites in the Jelly Cat plush line.
Like I said before, the Easter Bunny will soon be hopping down the bunny trail. Jelly Cat has an entire line of gorgeous Bashful Bunnies, and a line of Bashful plush. I have no idea how Mr. Bunny actually parts with any of these cuddly baby animals...his big paws have nothing on the softness of a shy Cream Bunny or a Blossom Jasmine Bunny, but those baskets must be filled. Touching a Bashful Bunny's ears is the ultimate in stress relief - try it and you will instantly become a believer. I've honestly never felt anything softer, and if those ears can calm this forty-something Mom, imagine what that same softness does to soothe fussy babies and toddlers!
The perfect, and I do mean perfect, baby shower gift is a small Jelly Cat plush paired with a matching Jelly Cat 'If I Were' touch and feel board book. Bright graphics and textured pages make these books a thoughtful gift, while actually helping to develop a baby's sensory development. Choose from zebras, monkeys, unicorns, puppies, ducklings, lambs, and many more! I guarantee you'll find a Jelly Cat to fit any theme, decor, or animal kingdom favorite!
For the funky ones in your life, Jelly Cat has launched a line of Pom Pom plush. I'm really not quite sure what kind of animal these characters are, but I know they put the 'F' in fabulous! Each Pom Pom's wispy furry feathers are a pastel mottled design, and no two are alike! Kids ages 3-73 will fall instantly in love with these crazy birds (I'm guessing on animal here, folks), and they make a great gift for any occasion!
Wonder Works has a full line of Jelly Cat plush and books that you have to see to believe! Come by any of our four stores, and a Magic Maker will be happy to help you navigate through the scrumptious world of Jelly Cat!