The Lady Behind the Wonder

Birthdays only come once a year, and we hope they get more magical every time! This year Wonder Works is celebrating the 60th birthday of our owner, Christine Osborne. 60 must be the new 40 because she sure is energized and ageless!

Christine is a mother of two (but really 200!) and a grandmother of two. She has received numerous awards from being recognized as the founder of “The Best Toy Store in the South” to being “One of Charleston’s Most Influential Women.” She has published works in multiple national and toy industry websites and magazines. Christine’s charisma and bright outlook radiate through Wonder Works Toys and all of the people connected to it. She has magic!!

When I first met Christine she told me, “Never lose your quirks! They make you who you are and they are special just like you!” Each day she is a walking example of someone who isn’t afraid to be herself. She can be silly, goofy, crazy, and FUN! Christine embraces who she is and every quirk that comes along with her. No wonder she inspires such amazing toys.

Christine went on to tell me, “Everything connects in life and comes full circle, you will see.” Here’s one story of her magic: One day a woman was outside trying to push a couch into a U-Haul all by herself. Christine watched as no one went to help the poor lady, so Christine offered her a helping hand. The woman was exhausted and said that the couch just would not fit. Christine immediately said she would buy it from her! They hauled the old wicker couch onto Christine’s porch, and she’s been sitting on it watching the world go by ever since.

Two years passed, and one random morning Christine thought about the woman and wondered how she was doing or where she was now. That day she was on a conference call and got reconnected with the woman’s husband, Jack! Now Jack is a part of our Wonder Works Family.

Christine runs her life and this company on kindness. This is just one of the many stories depicting how Christine is constantly helping others “just because.” She does not do it to gloat or receive anything. She helps because she wants to and wants to give to others. Christine is making this world a better place.

Our talk continued with Christine explaining that “one child can make a difference.” Part of the Wonder Works mission is to facilitate the growth and development of local child entrepreneurs and to support "kids for a cause."

When a young one walks into Wonder Works with a smiling face and newly made product, Christine is even more smiley and excited! She said, “You never say no to a child. You never close that door for them.”

Christine has been passionate about children, kids with disabilities, and helping others since she was a young girl. Before opening Wonder Works, she worked at Southern Pines Hospital where she worked as an Occupational Therapist and as the hospital’s Marketing Director.

Christine once told a young girl at MUSC Children’s hospital, Harper Drolet, that for every like she gets on a picture on Facebook Wonder Works would donate a toy to the hospital. As days passed it was like after like after like… resulting in 10,000 likes! Harper was jumping with joy. Christine said she would sell her house, take out a loan, and do absolutely whatever it took to give this little girl her 10,000 toys. Wonder Works national toy vendors heard about this and ended up donating 10,000 toys in Harper’s name!

Harper Drolet passed away three months after that donation. Every Thursday since then, every child at MUSC hospital receives a FREE TOY. Receiving a present is singularly uplifting, for those who receive, as well as for those who give. Christine said, teary eyed, “I know that every Thursday, every sick child in that hospital is feeling less pain.” Magic Happens Here is not just a hash tag or a joyous mantra, it is the truth at Wonder Works.

Christine is described as, “Exuberant, magical, quirky, energetic, loveable, whimsical, and wonderfuntastical” by her coworkers. Now those are some great words to be described as!

If you want to connect with Christine and Wonder Works stop by our stores for some fun, follow us on social media, or shoot us an email. We love to hear from our customers. Send Christine your birthday wishes on this wonderfuntastical May 16th and have a big slice of cake for her!!