The Perfect Pet for Under the Tree

Picture this: You’re 6 years old again. It’s Christmas morning. At the crack of dawn your eyes fly open and your heart starts pounding with excitement. “It’s time,” you think to yourself. You hardly slept the night before but you’ve never felt more alert and awake. You’re hoping that Santa got your letter and that maybe, just maybe, he brought you what you’ve always wanted: an adorable furry friend. As you spring out of bed you don’t even bother changing out of your snowman pj’s. You race down the stairs and holiday fun ensues. There’s a blur of red and green wrapping paper as you’re opening one amazing gift after another. That’s when you see it: the Perfect Pet!

Okay, back to reality. Pefect Petzzz are the perfect gift to put under the tree this Christmas! They give you all the same warm fuzzy feelings of a real puppy or kitty without the hassle! That’s right – no clean up, no vet bills, no torn-up couch cushions! 88 Unlimited offers a huge variety of different breeds of both puppy and kitty Perfect Petzzz. From Golden Retrievers and Yorkies to Black and White kittens and Orange Tabbies, there’s a Perfect Pet for everyone!

Kids will get real pet ownership experience while learning compassion, nurturing, and responsibility. Perfect Petzzz are hand crafted with soft, synthetic fur. Their little bellies even move up and down as they sleep! Little ones will love snuggling up with their new best friend. Each Perfect Pet comes with their very own accessories: a bed, collar, brush, and an adoption certificate. What kid wouldn’t want to find one of these cuties snoozing under the tree this Christmas!?

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