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  1. The Importance of Imaginative Play

    The Importance of Imaginative Play

    When toddlers engage in imaginative play, such as role playing, this opens the door to healthy emotional and social developments that lasts a lifetime. Little ones are preparing themselves for school, social situations in everyday life, and learning to cope with peers while building self-esteem! 

    Our children are little mirrors of ourselves - they emulate the grown-ups in their lives. So it's up to parents and caregivers to provide the necessary toys to encourage this kind of pretend play. Here is a perfect example:

    Taking my 3 toddlers to the grocery store used to be a trip I dreaded, especially if there is only one kiddie cart left in the store. This was years ago, and caused more than one tantrum in the cereal aisle. I searched everywhere for a toddler sized cart to use at home, but could only find plastic carts that fell apart way too easily. When Melissa and Doug released their

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  2. Trends We Love: Kids' Fitness through Active Play

    Trends We Love: Kids' Fitness through Active Play

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children ages 6 and up get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. You could take the kids out to do calisthenics and laps around the house. But wouldn't it be more fun to find an activity that strengthens their bodies, challenges their minds, and brings you all together as a family? This seems to be exactly what our awesome community of fun-loving families had in mind as, for the second year in a row, the top trend of the year becomes clear: toys that promote physical fitness and playing together.

    The physical benefits of active play are obvious – that's something you can't miss as you take breather on a park bench while the kids run tireless circles around the park. In addition to maintaining physical fitness and a healthy weight, regular active play boos

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  3. The Ultimate At Home Laser Tag!

    The Ultimate At Home Laser Tag!

    Toysmith's Laser X Double Blaster Pack brings arcade-style laser tag into your home! The Double Blaster Pack includes 2 laser x blasters with 2 receiver vests. One laser gun glows red, the other blue - perfect for two players! Keep track of shots and hits with full color lighting effects. Run around outdoors for maximum space to play and take full advantage of backyard terrain; if your aim is true, you can hit your opponent's target from up to 200 feet away! The Laser X Double Blaster Pack is just the thing for indoor active play as well! Plug in headphones to each laser blaster and feel the full immersion of the Laser X soundtrack and special sound effects. An interactive voice coach will even provide tips and feedback throughout the game! A fully immersive, interactive light and sound experience that doesn't add loud electronic noise as your kids run and play and laugh - the perfect laser tag experience for kids and adults! Uses 3 AAA batteries per blaster.

    Amp up the game

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  4. Keep Life Fun with Waboba!

    Keep Life Fun with Waboba!

    Waboba: The Original Ball That Bounces on Water

    #KeepLifeFun with Waboba!

    One of our all-time, favorite summer toys is the Waboba, the original ball that bounces on water! Have you ever wondered where their name came from? Let’s break it down: WA (water) – BO (bouncing) – BA (ball) – pretty clever, right?

    The original concept for a water bouncing ball came from a lightbulb moment on a summer day in Sweden in the 1980s. Inventor and founder, Jan von Heland, was playing frisbee in the water and noticed that the disk skimmed across the water like a stone when he threw it upside down. Twenty years later, he began testing prototypes – his first ball sank. After five years of trial and error, the world’s first water bouncing ball, the Waboba Ball, hit the market in 2005.

    Since then, the Waboba Team has been working to perfect their products, constantly expanding their line to reach all ages and skill levels, for both land

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