1. Local Kids LOVE the EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator!

    Local Kids LOVE the EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator!

    The Eggmazing Egg Decorator is one of the coolest things we've come across in a while. It's one of those rare products that is truly fun to use, zero hassle for parents, and created by amazing, hilarious, seriously fun entrepreneurs. These smart, savvy goofballs have brought a really EGGcellent idea to life, and we're so EGGcited to have been a part of their journey to bring the Eggmazing to families nationwide!

    Last year marked the Eggmazing's first Easter on the market. They were a small company, just a few innovators on Kickstarter with a relatively limited supply for their first run. It turned out that demand for their product was EGGsplosive - all units were sold out nationwide 3 weeks after they became available. Now, we saw the videos, we heard the praise and excitement, but all the Eggmazing egg decorators in our warehouse sold out in less than 24 hours! We barely had time to glace longingly at the colorful lathe as we passed them on

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  2. 7 Surefire Steps to the Perfect Easter Basket

    7 Surefire Steps to the Perfect Easter Basket

    We can all agree candy is awesome. No one is disputing the gloriousness of binging on sweets; that tummy ache later is 100% worth it. But no matter what rules are in place to encourage kids to pace themselves, all that candy will be gone sooner rather than later. Why not make the magic of the holiday last with some non-consumable, fun all year round, toyriffic springtime treats?

    Of course no basket is complete without at least a few confectionary delights - jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and sweetly silly lollipops are always welcome. But after that initial sugar rush, these special gifts will continue to bring joy to your little snuggle bunnies all year long:

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  3. Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on its Way!

    Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on its Way!

    The sun is shining and the azaleas are blooming here in Charleston! Sweet spring breezes carry the southern scents of pluff mud, freshly mowed lawns, roasting oysters, and dozens of boiling eggs on my kitchen stove.

    Easter is only a month away, so let's get cracking on those baskets! Cracking? Get it? I really do tickle myself, but let's not get off track. Mr. E. Bunny, along with his little helper bunnies, have been planning all year for the big day and now it's almost here. Good thing you've got enough helpers in your burrow, creating the perfect Easter basket for everyone in your family. Pardon me? You don't have any? Life with kids is hectic, and you haven't had time to shop for even one yummy jellybean yet? Well I've got news that will make your whiskers twitch with joy. You have Wonder Works, and every spring, our Magic Makers turn into your personal helper bunnies. This c

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  4. More Ways to Shop Local and Join the Fun!

    More Ways to Shop Local and Join the Fun!

    The Wonder Works Spring Catalog is here!!

    Do you and your family love flipping through bright, colorful pages filled with fun? Check your mailbox and your local Wonder Works store for our amazing new Spring Catalog! Get inspired with brilliant ideas for the coolest gifts and games for all ages!

    Not on our mailing list? Passionate about going paperless? Well, good news! You can still enjoy that classic browsing experience with our dynamically digitized eCatalog!

    Navigation is simple - just like a real catalog! Use the arrows on the left and right of each page to flip through (you'll even hear that satisfying flippy

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  5. Top Spring Treats for Teens

    Top Spring Treats for Teens

    Bath Bombs - A warm, relaxing soak in the tub after a long day at school, or especially, a long night on the sports field, is often just what the doctor ordered! Long considered a luxury item, bath bombs are now an affordable, fun gift to give friends and family. With so many to choose from, bath bombs make a fantastic, thoughtful treat to give to that teen in your life who could use a little pampering.


    • Let's Be Mermaids Bath Bomb - My 14 year old's favorite! Delicious smelling and absolutely gorgeous, this mermaid bomb is the size of an actual cupcake!
    • Fortune Telling Bath Bomb Set - This set includes 3 fabulous, fizzy bombs...one yummy, mini cupcake, and two wonderfully scented bombs with secret fortun
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