Game On!

Now that all of the Halloween candy has been eaten, and the carved pumpkins have been thrown away because one more day in this southern humidity would mean a mushy mess, it’s time to look forward to the start of the official holiday season! This time of year is my absolute favorite. Holiday shopping, parties, and the thing I love to do the most, celebrating with my family and friends.

As the years go by, my holiday gatherings have steadily continued to grow, as I’m sure all families have experienced. It’s always a blessing to gain an in-law, a new niece/nephew, or a grandchild. The same goes for my friend circle - it’s ever expanding as new people join my tribe and welcome me into theirs.

When more people come into our lives, holiday party invitations become more frequent, and the leaf for the dining room table is a must. This all adds up to a longer gift list, because let’s face it, ‘tis the season!

Luckily, I have found the perfect gift this year for everyone on my list. This gift is fabulous for all ages and genders, and can be enjoyed throughout the year: board games!

Thinking of bringing another boring bottle of wine to your neighbor’s party? That vino will be put on a table with the rest of the bottles and last less than an hour. Try bringing a board or card game for the host, a unique gift the whole family can enjoy long after the party is over!

Story Craze allows adults and kids to create imaginative stories together, and isn’t that what this season is really about? Another great game to give is the fast paced, multi-player Tenzi or Tenzi Party Pack! Players choose 10 colored dice to roll to win the game, and each pack contains 14 different ways to play!

Games are gift long remembered and appreciated after the all of the guests have gone home. These are great games to be played with large groups of friends as well! Relatives of all ages gather each year for big family dinners, the one day out of the year no one is staring at a screen (at least as long as food is on the table). Once the cleaning up is done, and the family has caught up on the past year’s events, give everyone an excuse to stay sitting down together.

Time is precious for all of us, and I know we all have family members we get to see only once or twice a year. Discourage relatives from flopping down on the couch and reaching for the remote or their smartphone. Bring out a game, and let the fun begin!

The cooperative game Pandemic encourages players to work together and find a cure for alien diseased bacteria that’s threatening the existence of the human race! Follow clues and save humanity...sounds like fun, doesn’t it? If young children want to play with the adults, CODENAMES Disney is great fun for all ages. Kids love following the hints on included, illustrated cards to find their favorite Disney character! For out of town guests, I find that the game CharlestonOpoly, or a Tate Nation puzzle, to be a thoughtful souvenir of their visit.

This holiday season, gather friends and family for a little competition and togetherness with games.

Game on!

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